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Sleep Better

If ever there is a time to sleep better, it’s now.

Good quality sleep helps to heal your body and your mind, and I think at times we’ve all felt a bit frazzled of late!

Sleep is also critical to the function of your organs, helping to regulate everything from your hormones, to your digestion. So yeah, it’s important!

I didn’t truly appreciate good sleep until my late twenties, when I was pretty much forced to sleep better since I was experiencing hormonal ups and downs, break-outs and spells of extreme tiredness.

Now that I do appreciate good sleep, oh my word! It’s everything. Why did it take me so long to cotton on?! 

If you’re falling into the ‘toss and turn’ category of sleep right now, because let’s face it, there’s a LOT going on in the world, I hope that these tips can help you to sleep better now and in the future too.

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2020 | The Elgin Avenue

They’re Here! My Complete Christmas Gift Guides for 2020

I am so excited to share my completed Christmas Gift Guides for 2020 with you today!

I really hope that these gift guides are helpful for you. I poured a lot of love into them. And (not biased or anything, haha) I think that they are FULL of amazing gifts!

Read on for my six gifting categories. I’ve mixed in a bunch of small businesses and tried and tested favourites of mine too.

I hope you find something or some-things you love ❤️ Happy gifting!

Laura Ashley Gifts at Boots UK | The Elgin Avenue | Christmas Decor 2020

AD | Gift Ideas for Christmas ~ Laura Ashley

Confession: I got well into the swing of my favourite Christmas playlists a good few weeks back. I will take all of the good festive feels right now! In fact, I’ve been nudging Oli to get our Christmas tree, but that has steadfastly been ruled out until December (Oli is a traditionalist!), so I’ll be waiting a few weeks yet. Still, gifting, gifting I can think about. Yay! Enter British heritage brand Laura Ashley, who’ve partnered with Boots UK to create an elegant and romantic Christmas gifting collection.

Read on for some of my highlights from the collection, and just a few twinkly lights for good measure.

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