5 Feel-Good Podcasts I’m Enjoying RN

September 22, 2022

As I gear up for Season 2 of the Health Home Hustle podcast (yesss Season 2 is incominggg) I’ve been tuning into my favourite feel-good podcasts for all the great podcasting vibes!

Since I’m always on the lookout for podcast recommendations myself, I thought I’d round up 5 feel-good podcasts I’m enjoying RN so you can give them a whirl too!

LMK if you have any shows you’re enjoying over on Instagram. Slide into my DMs ~ I’m @MonicaBeatrice 👋🏼

5 Feel-Good Podcasts to Check Out Now

Feel Good Podcasts to Tune Into | Monica Beatrice Blog

  1. The Broke Generation Podcast hosted by Emma Edwards

    You may know Emma from her hilarious and helpful content on Instagram, breaking down millennial money woes and dishing up great advice. The Broke Generation podcast dives further into Emma’s savvy take on the behavioural and psychological side of money in a way which is easy to understand and relatable. I’ve had so many ‘nodding along’ moments when listening to Emma’s show. I can’t recommend tuning in enough!

  2. The Blonde Files Podcast hosted by Arielle Lorre

    I’ve shared about Arielle’s show before in my post on ‘being deliberate about delight’. What I love about Arielle’s show is how she blends light hearted conversations with serious science and wellbeing know-how. As a health nerd myself I find Arielle’s interviews with doctors and health experts fascinating. As well as loving her eps on Hollywood gossip, plastic surgery and personal Q&As.

  3. With Whit with Whitney Port

    If you ever watched The Hills or The City or The Hills reboot (I’m a viewing alum of all 3) you’ll already be familiar with Whitney. Whitney was the supportive and stylish BFF of LC in the Teen Vogue fashion cupboard in The Hills. She then went on to take the starring role in The City, working at Diane Von Furstenberg, navigating life as a 20-something in NYC. As The Hills reboot showed, life’s moved on for the stars of our favourite MTV shows. With Whit is a down to earth podcast sharing a look at what life is like for Whitney now as a mum, wife and entrepreneur. Whitney is open and honest in her show, sharing the ups and downs of life. She also shares styling and fashion advice. With Whit feels like catching up with a friend weekly. If you’re a fan of the MTV-era of reality TV, I think you’ll like this one!

  4. Shagged Married Annoyed with Chris Ramsey and Rosie Ramsey

    If you need a new podcast which will make you LOLLL this show is for you! Hosted by married couple Chris and Rosie Ramsey, Shagged Married Annoyed is a hilarious blend of family chatter, ‘beefs’ (translation: things which have annoyed Chris and Rosie about one another that week) and stories from the public. Often the stories from the public are the funniest, strangest and most gross(!) bit of the show. I find myself laughing SO much. I genuinely think people have turned to look at me when I’ve been on a walk and tuning in.

  5. The Dream Bigger Podcast with Siffat Haider

    Siffat (Siff) Haider is not only the host of the Dream Bigger Podcast, she’s also the founder of wellness brand Arrae. Similarly to The Blonde Files podcast, what I love about The Dream Bigger Podcast is Siff’s blend of science-y wellbeing episodes, and more light hearted chats. I’ve found her solo episodes on journaling really helpful. Plus she always seems to ask the questions I want to know the answers to of her guests! If you’re into wellness and entrepreneurship I think you’ll like this show!

Feel-Good Podcasts

Let me know if you tune into any of the shows above! And if you have any recommendations of your own! I’m ALWAYS down for a good podcast rec!

Plus, if you haven’t tuned in already, here’s the part where I shamelessly plug my own podcast haha, give Health Home Hustle a listen. Tune in if you’re into wellness and leading life from a place of abundance not burnout.

Love, Monica x


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