My Top Tips for Shopping on Amazon

September 8, 2022

Over the past few months I’ve been doing ALL the research for you so that I can share my top tips for shopping on Amazon with you! B/c if I’ve learnt anything, it’s an ART finding the best pieces. Full disclosure: Amazon hasn’t historically been on my radar for fashion and homeware. Surrre I’ve bought books and some tech items, but it wasn’t until a few of my favourite influencers, inc. Sivan Ayla and Julia Berolzheimer, started to share their Amazon finds that I took a second look.

And whatdyaknow Amazon has some REALLY lovely pieces! And they’re good quality! The shipping is fast! And if you know what to look for and how to get there, you can be efficient with your Amazon shopping too.

Below I’m sharing my top tips for shopping on Amazon! This blog post focuses largely on Amazon fashion, but the tips can be applied across any department.

My Top Tips for Shopping on Amazon

Dress // Jumper // Boots + Similar Less Expensive // Bag ~ past season

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

Follow Your Favourite Influencers’ Amazon Storefronts

This is my #1 tip for shopping successfully on Amazon! Historically, one of the challenges I’ve faced when shopping on Amazon is the sheer amount of search results I receive when looking for an item. Now that I’ve curated my own Amazon Storefront I can see the logic in leaning on people who’ve done the searching-legwork for you!

If you already love someone’s style and taste, it’s likely that their Amazon recommendations will also resonate with you. Be mindful that US influencers sometimes link to products in their Amazon shop that aren’t available in the UK, or may incur higher shipping costs. That being said if I see an item I like in a US influencer’s Amazon shop, and it’s not available in the UK, I’ll simply copy the item description, paste it into my Amazon UK account, and similar items will pop up!

Case in point, my favourite influencer Amazon shops include:

Sivan Ayla’s Amazon homeware edit (US)

Julia Berolzheimer’s Amazon fashion edit (US)

Sinead Crowe’s Amazon capsule wardrobe (UK)

If you fancy having a peruse of my Amazon finds, you can check out my Amazon Shopping Edits here.

Check out Amazon The Drop

Have you heard of ‘The Drop’ by Amazon fashion? The Drop is an Amazon own brand, which regularly collaborates with influencers on limited edition collections. Alongside the limited edition collections, you can also shop ‘Staples by The Drop’ which is a great one-stop destination for wardrobe essentials and capsule pieces.

Reliably I have found that the quality of The Drop items is really good. I’m impressed!

A note on sizing: generally speaking I’ve found that The Drop items run a little small, so I size up in almost everything, except sweatshirts.

Look for Branded Products on Amazon

After MANY recommendations to purchase the Levi’s Ribcage Jeans (the ‘perfect’ high waisted straight leg jean), I searched for them on Amazon and there they were. In fact, not only did I find the jeans I was looking for, I found a whole Levi’s Amazon Storefront stocking a wide range of Levi’s products.

Not only did I find my new favourite jeans on Amazon, I also found a much-lusted-after paid of Dune Embroidered Loafers that I LOVE. Like Levi’s, Dune London also has its own Amazon Storefront.

It pays to search for branded items on Amazon, especially if you’ve struggled to find your size or fit preference elsewhere.

Amazon Shopping Tips Monica Beatrice Blog

Don’t Snooze on Amazon Menswear

Thanks to this Amazon fashion edit by Emma Rose Style, I was tipped off to Amazon Menswear and immediately bought this multipack of white cotton tees, and this cable crewneck jumper. I tend to buy smaller sizes in menswear for myself so that it fits oversized but not too oversized.

Also obv. great for the men in your life! I’m just enjoying the spoils for myself RN haha!

Refine Your Search

I think we can all agree that there is a LOT to browse through on Amazon!

Over time I’ve learnt how to refine my Amazon searches so that I reliably get search results I’m interested in.

My tips for refining your searches on Amazon, in short, include:

  • focus on shops/brands/sellers you already know and like
  • lean on Amazon own brands like The Drop, Amazon Essentials, and find. by Amazon
  • look out for next day delivery or Prime delivery options
  • keep an eye on how far items are shipping to get to you, if brands are based half way across the world it may be quicker and more sustainable to look for something from a brand closer to home
  • create your own Amazon lists to keep track of items you love

Browse my Amazon Storefront

Let me know how you get on over on Instagram, I’m @MonicaBeatrice, and happy browsing!

I’d love to hear if these tips help you to navigate Amazon with more ease!

Love, Monica x

Sponsorship Note

I have an ongoing working relationship with Amazon, however this blog post is not part of our partnership.

If you shop through my Amazon Storefront I will earn a commission from items you buy.

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