New Beginnings

April 28, 2022

Firstly, I can’t type that blog post title without thinking of The Hills: New Beginnings, which truly I loved. Many a lockdown day was made brighter for watching an episode of New Beginnings, with The Hills cast all grown up. Anyone else?!

Reality TV fandom aside, I’m so excited to officially welcome you to the NEW MonicaBeatrice.com. Have you had a chance to look around?

Now, it’s almost hard for me to remember what the site looked like before its glow up! But what I do know, is that I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with my branding designer: Victoria, founder of Coast & Bloom.

Finding a branding designer you trust, who ‘gets you’ and your business, is such a gift. Fortunately, from day dot, Victoria and I were on the same page. At times I genuinely felt like she was in my brain.

Now, MonicaBeatrice.com truly feels like it reflects where I’m at in life and business. I’m so proud to share my new branding and site with you!

If you haven’t already explored, let me invite you to ‘top up your cup’ and stay a while.

A few things of note + fun facts

You can now view the three pillars of my business: blog, podcast and studio under one internet roof.

Podcast you say? Yesss, I’m putting my podcasting hat back on for a brand new solo show: Health Home Hustle, launching this spring.

A studio too? Yes ma’am.  For the past few years I’ve been working with businesses in a variety of roles including *deep breath*: content creation, copywriting, ghostwriting, styling, shoot production, influencer activations and consultancy. Given the growth in this area of my business, it felt right to give it its own home on MonicaBeatrice.com!

The olive branch woven throughout my branding means a lot to me. Oli and I got married in an olive grove in Menorca, the olive branch symbolises peace, and the olive tree is a nod to my Mediterranean heritage and love of all things sun-dappled and dipped in olive oil!

We pulled together the new branding shoot on a whim. As we neared the completion of the site redesign, I came to realise that the imagery I had on file didn’t quite fit. Fortunately, my long-time (very patient) friend and blog photographer Charlotte was on board to turnaround a branding shoot in no time. Between the three of us – Victoria, Charlotte and myself – we had a GREAT shoot. I remember thinking on the day how lucky I felt to be working alongside such talented women, shooting in a way which felt like anything but work. I’m so happy with the new branding photos! They truly feel like ‘me’. But like a grown-up version of.

Gifts for you!

Monica Beatrice Desktop DownloadMonica Beatrice iPhone Download

As part of this next chapter in my business, I wanted to think of more ways I can build out this awesome community. And so, I’m working on a seasonal rotation of gifts for you!

Right now this includes:

Desktop wallpapers (I have ‘radiate love’ on my laptop as I type!)

iPhone wallpapers (ditto!)

My weekly newsletter – ‘Croissant Reading’ – full of links to enjoy at your leisure!

Thank you!

Thank you, quite simply, for being here and for your support. The fact that I get to call this my job is in large part down to you, I am truly so thankful to be sharing this space with you! When I started my blog – then called The Elgin Avenue – I had ZERO clue that this would turn into my career.

Since I shared my re-brand and re-launch a couple of weeks ago, many of you have reached out. Thank you for your kind messages and words of support, my heart feels very full. I am truly SO excited for this next chapter, and to be sharing it right here, with you ❤️

If there’s anything you’d like to see more of here, or hear about via the podcast, let me know! My inbox and DMs are open.

Thank you again friends!

Love, always, Monica xx

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