Welcome to monicabeatrice.com!

Welcome to monicabeatrice.com! I am so happy to show you around my new digital digs!

When I started my blog 10 years ago, I named it after the road that I lived off of in London—The Elgin Avenue. 

I still love the way the words sound. And the connection to my then-home—that special corner of London. If you know it, the street sign is diagonally opposite 123 Dry Cleaners — a legendary geographical pillar in Maida Vale!

Maida Vale is where I met some of my best friends. It’s where I moved into my first flat. Began waitressing, interning, studying at LCF, making new friends. Navigating long-distance with Oli, finding my feet in the world of fashion and TV . . . it was a big chapter in my life.  

After four years in London I left to embark on a new adventure in a nook of the English countryside. But I kept my blog name the same. After all, The Elgin Avenue may not have been my home home anymore but it still felt like my online hub.

As my 10 year blogging anniversary approached in January this year, I finally felt a shift. The name change I’d been mulling over for yearstheelginavenue.com > monicabeatrice.comjust felt right.

Not so much “new me”, as simply “me now”. 

monicabeatrice.com is a reflection of what’s important to me in this chapter of my life.


My life’s changed a lot in the last ten years. And so have my interests and priorities.

I’m paring back my wardrobe. And focusing on a capsule of sorts, albeit a colourful and layered one. I’m investing more time and effort in seeking out sustainable pieces, buying second hand and generally trying to be more conscious of my clothing footprint.

Health has always been a priority for me and I’m excited to bring more conversations around it to the forefront of the site.

As part of that I’ll be sharing more about my clean beauty and skincare journey. I’ve discovered so many brilliant brands over the last year or so—I can’t wait to dive deep into those conversations with you.

monicabeatrice | Yellow Summer Dress Outfit

Plus, as Oli and I continue to create a home we love, I’ll be sharing more interiors with you. 

Finally, since navigating the working world has been a huge part of my twenties, and now thirties, I’m excited to re-introduce regular career interviews and content to my site, as well as advice and lessons I’ve learnt.

I am SO excited to share this new iteration of my online world with you. You can expect the new content categories to gradually fill out over the coming months. Is there anything you’d like to see in particular? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

Whether you’ve been here since the beginning, or this is your first time landing on my blog, it is so lovely to see you here.

Welcome! Have a look around, make yourself at home. 

Love, as always, Monica xx

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