A Week’s Worth Of Hairstyles

A Week Of Hair Diary | The Elgin Avenue

How to style your hair day in day out, can be a bit of an inspiration-buster. For me, I style my hair according to my hair-wash cycle, which determines if I can wear my hair down (clean) pulled back (clean-ish) or top knot (pushing it . . . !).

In a bid to help you feel inspired for your own hair diary this week, I’ve rounded up seven gorgeous ways to wear your hair, these looks are all super easy to imitate, and will add a little extra inspo. to your everyday hair look.

7 Days Of Hair Ideas | The Elgin Avenue

Your 7 Day Hair tool kit

1 x Pack of kirby grips, in your hair colour.

1 x Medium hair elastics.

1 x Small hair elastics.

1 x Hairspray.

1 x Hair Putty.

1 x Serum.

1 x Dry Shampoo to refresh between washes.

1 x GHD straighteners, or equivalent.


Monday – Clean & bouncy low bun

Time: 30 minutes, including hair wash, and drying. 2 minutes for the actual bun

Low Bun | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

In some ways the first day I wash my hair is my favourite day – because it’s clean and healthy – and also my least favourite because it can be a little too silky and unmanageable. On this day I like to blow-dry my hair at home, I use a round brush to tame the front section in particular and dry the rest whilst running a brush through it. I have ‘fine hair but a lot of it’ according to my hairdresser (Oli) and it naturally goes a bit wavy.

I run my GHD straighteners over my baby hair, and loosely through the rest of my hair to smooth it, but not straighten it completely. I then pull it back in to a low bun, and allow a few face-framing hair bits to fall forward.

This look is great for managing freshly-washed hair. The low bun still shows off your clean locks, and the face-framing segments will be glossy and fresh. It also helps tame that too-silky feeling of freshly-washed hair, and I find that by pulling by hair in to a low bun, when I then let my hair out at the end of the day, it creates a naturally dishevelled wave.

Monday Hair icon: Emily Ratajkowski

Tuesday – Second day waves

Time: 15 minutes

Second Day Waves | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

‘Second day waves’ to me, are the holy grail of hair. I’ve always loved that lived-in wave that every California girl seems to rock so effortlessly, and yet the actual effort of achieving them often eludes me . . . until now!

My friend Ella often wears second day waves, and so I quizzed her about her routine. Turns out that achieving second day waves, takes just as long as any other look – it is just a matter of committing.

I am a GHD curl fan, I know some people use curling wands – I have one for when I’m feeling particularly ambitious – but on a whole I use my GHD straighteners to create a curl. The trick is to start around 4 inches down from your roots, with an inch or so width of hair, and rotate the straightener in your hand away from your face. Use a firm but not locked grip and you’ll see a beautiful curl develop.

Then – whilst your hair is still warm rake your fingers through it to break up the tight curls. Allow your hair to cool, and ‘set’ (I use this time to do my makeup) and finally run a little serum through your hair ends, and work some putty through the lengths for a bit of a rough texture. I’ve been borrowing Oli’s hair clay and I’ve loved the lived-in look it’s given to my hair.

Tuesday Hair icon: Sophia Bush / Lauren Conrad

Wednesday: Mid-height Ponytail

Time: 5 minutes

Wavy Ponytail Hairstyle | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

With your now ‘third day’ waves, make use of the texture which will still be in your hair, and pull your locks into a mid-height ponytail. I like to backcomb the roots at my crown a bit to give some body to the ponytail.

If your hair is still clean enough (or you’ve washed it again by now) leave some face-framing hair sections to fall around your face, if not, pull your hair back away from your face, and tease your hair a little more at your roots to create flattering volume.

Use kirby grips to pull up any straggling baby hair at the nape of your neck.

When your hair is fully off of your face, it is the perfect opportunity to wear some beautiful earrings – I like simple diamond-look studs or hoops. I make an extra effort with my makeup look when my face is really ‘on show’. Try a highlighter on your cheekbones and a pretty fresh pink on your lips.

Wednesday hair icon: Minka Kelly

Thursday – slicked-back chignon

Time: 5 minutes

Low Bun Hair | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

A slicked-back chignon is my very favourite desk-to-dinner hair look. It is so chic for the daytime, and will look great for the office, just as it adds a little extra edge to an evening look.

This is also a super quick look – bonus! Part your hair, and use a comb to pull your hair into a tight low ponytail, fasten at the nape of your neck with a thin hair elastic. Take your ponytail and twist it, use the natural bend you get when twisting to pull your hair in to a low bun and fasten with kirby grips.

Use hairspray to smooth over any fly-away hairs, and really create a sleek look.

This look is great with bold makeup, try a bright lip or a slightly darker eye.

Thursday hair icon: Lily Aldridge & Jenna Lyons

Friday – loose braid

Time: 30 minutes including wash and dry. 5 of those for the actual hair style

Low Plait | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Friyay hair! By now, if you haven’t already, you will probably want to wash your hair. Four days is my limit, and by this point I can’t wait to really shampoo away any product build-up and get back to fresh hair.

Follow the instructions of Monday, for a clean and bouncy at-home bow-dry. Again, leave some face-framing segments, and start a french plait around your ear-line. For french plait instructions see this super easy tutorial video – you can skip to 1 minute in. Once you’ve taken your plait to the nape of your neck, it’ll turn in to a normal plait.

I like to finish my plait about an inch – two inches from the end of my hair and fasten with a tiny hair elastic.

If you’re good for time, I like to curl the front face-framing hair segments, a little away from the face.

Loosen your plait with your fingertips to give it a slightly lived-in look, and spray with hairspray to finish.

Friday hair icon: Julia Engel.

Saturday – Bed hair

Time: 2 minutesUndone Bed Head Hair | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

So Saturday is for bed hair because . . . well that’s when we get a lie-in right?! Wear your second-day waves the real way, your hair will likely have some movement from your braid yesterday, I like to use my GHDs to randomly curl a few extra sections if I feel they need doing.

This is my favourite ‘wear anywhere’ relaxed look, and it’s great because it’s SO low maintenance.

Saturday hair icon: Emmanuelle Alt.

Sunday – Heidi plaits

Time: 15 minutes

Heidi Plait Hair | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

On a Sunday I’m usually balancing work for the week ahead, with some sort of social occasion with friends and family. I feel like it’s nice to dress up a little for these occasions and so I make an extra effort with my hair.

Heidi plaits look more impressive than the time they take to do – yay!

Simply part your hair in the middle, and create a tight pigtail plait either side of your head. Then pull each braid up along your hair line, and pin in to place. Where you start your plaits will depend on the length of your hair. My hair is mid-lengthy-long at the moment, this means I can start my plait around mid-ear height, and get enough length to meet my braids in the middle.

I then pin the ends of each braid at the crown, and try to hide any hair elastics with the end of each braid.

Use your fingers to loosen the braids a little, once in position, and pull a few baby hairs out too if you want that ethereal lived-in look. Spray with hairspray to set and finish.

NB: This is the super easy version of the gorgeous halo braids you may have seen on Pinterest – the weekend is totally a great time to experiment with your hair so if you’re feeling ambitious, definitely explore some braid tutorials!

Sunday hair icon: Amber Fillerup Clark

Here’s an easy diary-style reminder for you guys . . . ! ????????

A Week Of Hair Ideas | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Happy good-hair week guys! Let me know if you fancy putting any of these looks in to practice, and any hair routines you have which you’d like to share!

Love, Monica x


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