My Wedding Day Accessories

September 10, 2020

Wedding Day Accessories | Monica Beatrice Wedding Menorca

Day 3 of Wedding Week here on The Elgin Avenue and I feel like I’m right back in the early days of blogging! I used to post daily, but with the advent of 101 new platforms that habit faded. I’m enjoying tapping away more frequently on my keyboard this week! It feels fun and more ‘in the moment’. Do you feel the same? Today I’m excited to share my wedding day accessories with you! Including details on my shoes, jewellery and veil.

Choosing my wedding day accessories was strangely one of the more difficult parts of wedding planning for me (who knew?!) and so I hope that this post is helpful if you too are in the midst of selecting your accessories for your wedding day.

Happy reading!

Choosing My Wedding Day Accessories

Wedding Day Accessories | Monica Beatrice Wedding Menorca

Since my ‘Emma’ dress from Sassi Holford had such a beautiful, gentle sweetheart neckline, I wanted to keep my collarbone area completely bare. Hence my accessories were limited to earrings, a bracelet, my veil and wedding shoes.

I found choosing my wedding day accessories – specifically my shoes and my earrings – amongst the most difficult parts of wedding-planning! Choosing the venue and finding a dress were a BREEZE in comparison.

Here’s how I went about choosing each accessory.

My Wedding-Day Earrings

Wedding Day Accessories | Monica Beatrice Wedding Menorca

I knew as soon as I chose my dress that I wanted to wear my hair in a low chignon, with frace-framing waves falling loosely. As such I wanted to focus on a statement pair of earrings which would reflect light and compliment the dress.

Originally I had a pair of crystal and blue earrings I thought would work, but upon trying them on they were too colourful and clashed with my dress.

I hunted high and low for wedding earrings, to no avail, until I stumbled upon a pair at Sassi Holford which I was originally trying on ‘just for reference’. The minute I put them on I fell in love with them, and snapped them up right away! It was such fortunistic timing as my bridesmaids happened to be at the appointment with me, and it was so lovely to share the moment of finding my earrings with them.

Since I had such a tricky time finding earrings I loved, I’ve rounded up some similar face-framing styles for you below. This pair is near-identical to the pair I wore.

Wedding Day Earrings

My Vintage Blue Bracelet

Wedding Day Accessories | Monica Beatrice Wedding Menorca

My parents gifted me a vintage blue bracelet when I was in my early teens. I treasured it for years, and somewhere between moving to London, and then out to the countryside, I lost it.

I mentioned to my Mum that I had a piece of the bracelet (which had broken off long ago) in a little jar, and I would love to find the bracelet again to wear on my wedding day as my ‘something old’ and ‘something blue’.

Sure enough – magic Mum powers coming into play! – my Mum knew exactly where the bracelet was in a long-fogotten box. The bracelet was unearthed, and my Mum even re-gifted it to me in a beautiful wooden box she hand-decorated. On the day it felt like the perfect subtle statement, and I loved it all the more for its journey!

Dune Wedding Heels

Wedding Day Accessories | Monica Beatrice Wedding Menorca

If you are currently searching for your wedding shoes, let me point you in the direction of Dune London. Having searched high and low for elegant, reasonably-priced wedding shoes, I truly believe that Dune London cannot be bettered.

Originally I had grand plans to buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels. Indeed I regularly had a digital window shop which made my heart beat faster.

Ultimately however our wedding budget pulled rank. Though I still hold out hope for a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels one day!

Eventually I found the perfect pair of single strap cream sandals by Dune London with a small crystal detail on the heel.

I was SO happy when I saw them online, and can report that they were absolutely brilliant. I’ve popped an edit of Dune London wedding shoes below. They look so much more expensive than their price tag, and I can report that I lasted allllll day in them (’til the last 30 minutes! Ha!).


The Veil

Wedding Day Accessories | Monica Beatrice Wedding Menorca
To veil or not to veil? If you are just starting out on your journey as a bride, and you are on the hunt for your wedding dress, I wholeheartedly recommend trying a veil! Whether or not you ultimately choose to wear one, it’s such fun to try, and you truly FEEL like a bride when you have one on.

I hadn’t decided either way on a veil prior to my dress appointment at Sassi Holford, but I tried one on just in case.

Of course, I loved it!

My veil had a trim which echoed the border of my dress. There are so many different veil designs you can choose from – long, short, embroidered, embellished – my advice is to choose a detail which either echoes your wedding dress or has some significance to you as a couple.

I’ve heard of other couples having their initials embroidered on the veil which I think is such a lovely idea!


Wedding Day Accessories | Monica Beatrice Wedding Menorca

Just like choosing your dress, choosing your wedding day accessories is a completely personal experience. You may choose to layer up your jewels, or keep things completely understated.

Whatever your style is, my advice is to try on ALL of your jewellery and accessories ahead of your wedding so that you have a good sense of what they all look like together.

Happy accessory-hunting!

What’s Your Take?

What jewellery and accessories did you wear for your wedding? Or are you on the hunt for yours right now?

Tell me alllll the deets!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

~ My Dune London heels were kindly gifted ~

Wedding Day Accessories | Monica Beatrice Wedding Menorca

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