Why A Vision Board Might Be Just The Thing To Kick Start Your Inspiration

How To Stay Inspired Using A Vision Board | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Have a little think, when was the last time you allocated time purely to inspiration? To whipping up a vision board, or getting lost in blogs, magazines . . . a quiet peruse around a gallery? Until last week, it had been way too long for me.

Inspiration is what keeps your fire burning in every aspect of life, particularly if you have a creative job or enjoy artsy pursuits.

When I was a teenager, my friend Kathryn and I used to scrapbook every week. We would hoard magazines and spend HOURS delicately tearing pages and cutting around elements for our scrapbooking stash.

We would curate perfect pages of inspiration, centred on a whole cacophony of subjects: our favourites colours . . . our future careers . . . the hot boyfriends we hoped to meet!

(Making vision boards of fit men was a particularly inspiring pursuit ????)

As with lots of teenage occupations, we naturally grew out of scrap booking, but just recently I read this article on Camille Styles and it got me to thinking about it all again!

A week ago I spent a whole afternoon curating a secret Pinterest board ‘just because’.

Pretty Moodboard | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Feminine Elegant And Classic Moodboard | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I’ve done similar boards when I’ve been working on a redesign of the blog (the last of which feels like forever ago now!) or a particular project, and I’d forgotten how fun it is to use your instincts to guide you. My criteria was simply: images I REALLY love. The result was a board of visuals which truly inspires me. 

Of course, you can scrapbook with actual materials, which I love too, but I so enjoyed my Pinterest afternoon for its simplicity (and tidiness!).

From my Pinterest board I then saved my favourite images and compiled them into a few ‘vision pages’ which I printed off.

I now have these pages up in my office and I love seeing them from my desk. They help me to hone in on my colour palette and aesthetics for The Elgin Avenue, as well as offering inspiration every time I see them.

Create A Pretty Mood Board | The Elgin Avenue BlogCreative Vision Board | The Elgin Avenue Blog

In addition to the new Pinterest images I compiled, I also mixed in keepsakes from travels. I added tickets from events and random things which resonated with me. Can you spot the H&M gift card which I loved for its typography and gold lettering?!

If you’re in need of a similar jolt of inspiration I can’t recommend creating your own vision board enough.

It works a treat too if you’re honing your vision for a project. 

Be it for a redesign, a particular event, goal or just for fun, there is something so inspiring, meditative and creative about creating a vision board.

How To Find Inspiration For Your Creativity And Aesthetics | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Mood Board

Pin Board: The White Company 

What’s your take?

Did you used to scrap book? Do you keep a vision board? And if so, do you have it online or in physical form? I’d love to know!

Love, Monica x

P.S. If you want to check out another gorgeous inspiration board – my friend Jennie’s is one for the books! Ahhh all the heart-eye-emojis!







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