The Plus Sides Of Instagram

Benefits Of Instagram | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Much has been written in recent years about Instagram and its negative effects. Comparison can be a real joy-sucker, and for sure I’ve fallen prey to measuring my life up against someone else’s curated feed.

That being said, I also absolutely LOVE the platform – there are so many GOOD things that have come about because of Instagram, and today I want to share some of the plus sides of Instagram I personally enjoy.

Instagram is truly an amazing platform, and it has a whole host of benefits – both business-wise and for personal use – which we can look to celebrate.

I’ve rounded up my favourite elements of the platform below, and I’d love to know yours too!

Benefits Of Instagram | The Elgin Avenue Blog

5 Major Plus Points Of Using Instagram

#1 – Creativity

Did you know that Instagram was created specifically for people to share their creative moments?

I attended a talk a few years ago with Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom and he shared his vision for a social media platform which would share people’s creative endeavours. Fun fact: Kevin himself’s a keen photographer.

It figures then that creativity is at the heart of Instagram. If you’re a creative soul then it’s likely your favourite social media platform (although shout out to Pinterest which I adore too!) and therefore it’s where you get most artsy with your posting.

Since using Instagram I have honed in on my own photography aesthetic so much. A scroll back to my early archives shows a VERY different style to today’s.

From the photo-capture, to the editing, and to the feed curation there’s no doubt that Instagram taps into your creativity.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that I really take in my surroundings nowadays. I don’t always capture them for Instagram, but I’m always on the lookout for beautiful little vignettes.

Here are a few accounts who are pretty darn incredible on the creativity front: @Me_And_Orla @TheDroneMan @JuliaHEngel

Benefits Of Instagram | The Elgin Avenue Blog

“creativity is at the heart of Instagram”

#2 – A Timeline Of Your Memories

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty useless at printing photos nowadays –  which incidentally is something I really want to get better at! In the mean time, I have my Instagram feed to remind me of my trips, seasons and adventures.

My feed isn’t much about my personal life, but I know many other friends who use Instagram mainly as a way of keeping their memories safe in one place.

Whether you’re using it mostly for business or for personal use it’s so lovely to be able to look back.

Plus, with so many photo-printing services now offering orders directly from your Instagram, it’s a great way of turning your Instagram captures into real prints too. I’ve used Photobox historically to create a memory album for some of my friends Oli and I took a trip with.

Do you have any other printer services you recommend? I’m on the lookout!

“many friends who are business owners

have said that Instagram directly

converts into customers for them”

#3 – Promote Your Business

Oh my word there are so many amazing businesses I’ve found on Instagram!

From Nina Brooke’s gorgeous paintings, to India May Home’s stunning Scandi/Moroccan homewares all the way through to Paper Bow London’s incredible bespoke stationery . . . stumbling upon a new business on Instagram, one which you truly love, is one of my very favourite things.

I’ve spoken to many friends who are business owners who have said that Instagram directly converts into customers for them. They post an image of a product, or a story they want to share, and that not only fosters trust and builds a community, but it creates direct sales.

How valuable is that?!

If like me, you’re a blogger, or you work in the digital realm, building your Instagram account can be a huge selling point for potential customers too.

Pretty much any business nowadays, I believe, can benefit from great branding and a consistent Instagram feed.

Benefits Of Instagram | The Elgin Avenue Blog

#4 – Find Your Community

Instagram allows you to develop your very own tribe. You may be attracted at first by someone’s image, which leads you to scoping out their bio, and having a good stalk of their past 1,456 photos which leads to a big ‘follow’ – and bam! – you’re connected.

I’ve ‘met’ many friends on Instagram who have since become real-life friends too.

I love that you can share, comment and react to one another’s photos and Stories. Historically you may not have been able to connect with that person across the world from you, but now you can! And thanks to Instagram, Skype, email etc you can truly foster a friendship.

Some of the girls I call my closest friends live half way across the world from me, but we stay in touch – sometimes via Instagram (thank you DM!), often via Skype and sometimes if we’re lucky – IRL too!

Furthermore, if you’re using Instagram for business, you can use it to your advantage for creating a community. Laura and I found that the Big Small Business community grew exponentially on Instagram.

At its core Instagram is a community platform, and as such it’s brilliant for bringing people together.

Accounts I love which have a super-engaged community include: @BigSmallBusiness (ofc.) @OnlineStylist and @TheLifestyleEdit.

#5 – Inspiration

If you took a look at my ‘saves’ on Instagram, you’d see a little film-roll of all of my favourite inspiring posts.

Instagram for me is one of my #1 destinations for inspiration. From styling, to architecture, to photography, recipes, fitness . . . you name it . . . I love heading to the platform to stoke my inspiration fire.


No doubt about it, Instagram is a hub of inspiration.

My Favourite Instagram Accounts RN

I love to play “name your favourite accounts!” – for fellow lovers of the ‘gram you’ll no doubt love this quiz too.

Here are a few of my favourite Instagram accounts, and I would LOVE to know yours in the comments below . . .

 @DanielleMoss_ – I’m in love with Danielle’s elegant aesthetic.

 @_HarloweJames – I get so many styling and colour palette ideas from Chrissy’s gorgeous feed.

@AmberInteriors – because I could legitimately step into anyone of Amber’s rooms and be at home!

@JessAnnKirby – Jess’s handle on textures, colours and styling has got me all ????????

@ClaireMenary – Claire’s travel and lifestyle content is just so darn gorgeous!

And  so many more . . . !


For me, Instagram is truly a hub of creativity, inspiration and community. I absolutely adore it as a user, and I am grateful to it as a publisher too. Instagram has helped me to grow my business, connect with like-minded creatives, and hone my own creativity.

What’s Your Take? & Who Do You Follow?

What are your thoughts on Instagram? Do you enjoy its positive elements, and if so, what do you feel are its biggest plus points? I’d love to know! Plus – please share your favourite accounts below – I want to stalk them too!

Love, Monica x

P.S. I’m @MonicaBeatrice if you fancy saying hello ????????!

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