Health Home Hustle Podcast: Season 2 // Episode 8

January 31, 2023

Tapping into Our Senses and Entrepreneurial Spirit with Soapsmith Founder Sam Jameson




This week we’re talking tapping into your senses and entrepreneurial spirit with Soapsmith founder Samantha Jameson!

Soapsmith is a luxury artisanal hand, bath & body brand crafted in the UK. As you’ll hear in this episode, Sam is a seasoned entrepreneur. Having founded, grown and sold a company prior to starting Soapsmith, Sam is no stranger to the demands and joys of running your own business.

Sam’s energy is so catching, in our interview she expands on the history of Soapsmith, starting her business, her best advice for fellow entrepreneurs and so much more!

This episode is perfect for anyone thinking of launching their own brand, or currently in the midst of running their own business. It’s also great if (like me) you’re a scent lover and want to know more about the inner workings of a luxury bath and body brand.

I hope you love tuning in this week friends!