5 Ways To Embrace The September Fresh Start Feels


For as long as I can remember I’ve thought of September as the ‘second New Year’. The September fresh start feels are REAL. In fact I think I prefer September to ‘new year, new year’ given that it comes off of the back of summertime, as opposed to the deep depths of winter!

There’s definitely a fresh new feeling that comes with the turning of this calendar month. Be it that you or your family members are heading back to school, or that – like me – you’re simply embracing the closing of one season and the welcoming in of a new one.

Wherever you’re at, I encourage you to embrace the new season feels of the ‘second new year’.

As Lucy Sheridan, The Comparison Coach™️ shared on Instagram on September 1st:

“That back to school energy is available to all of us right now, so if you’ve been stuck in a slump, today could be just the one to help you step forward into what the rest of the year wants to really BE for you!!⁠⁠”
Lucy, I’m with you!

Below I’m sharing a few of my favourite ways to embrace the September fresh start feels! I’d love to hear if you’re on board too!

5 Ways to Embrace the Fresh Start Feels of September


Draw a line in the sand

I am ALL for drawing a line in the sand, and leaping into a new chapter.

After a pretty dismal showing of sunshine this summer (V British sentence, hiii!), I think we’re all entitled to draw a line under ‘summer’ and welcome AUTUMN in and all its cosy goodness.

On that note, have you had a peek at my transeasonal style staples edit? SO many gorgeous pieces available RN. *hovers over the shopping cart*.

The beauty of September is that most people are in the same kind of boat. Most of us have navigated a summer holiday of sorts, days have stretched out, schedules have been more flex, and now there’s more structure and routine coming up.

NOW is the perfect time to do a ‘life audit’ of sorts. What’s going well? What would you like to change? How are you going to implement it? Speaking of which . . .


Re-focus on your health

Nothing saying ‘fresh start’ to me more than a little health reset. Be that re-committing to an exercise schedule, cooking from scratch more, or getting outdoors, now is a GREAT time to re-focus on you.

You may remember me mentioning the Super Immunity 30 Day Programme I took part in a few months ago with Level Up Health – I’m planning on doing another round soon. In just 30 days I really did feel like I pressed ‘reset’ on my health, had more energy and clarity and it had a really positive impact on my hormones. You can check out the Super Immunity course here, it’s run by the sister co. of The Maas Clinic – the functional medicine clinic I visited last year for my health MOT.

In the next few months I’d also love to explore yoga again. I’m craving more stretching and headspace away from work – both of which I think yoga can help with!

And I’m loving fresh, home-cooked meals.

Where are you at with your health focuses right now?



I LOVE a great declutter and a big shift in seasons is the perfect time to do it!

So much so, that I shared a few home styling tips with FARFETCH recently (including on decluttering), you can read my tips on How to Decorate a Shelf here. I got to choose a few new pieces from FARFETCH’s homeware collection (seen in these pics) for the feature too, and OH how I love them so!

General tips on decluttering: clear your shelves, coffee tables, bathroom surfaces . . . anywhere that easily collects clutter, have a good clean of the space and then edit down your items. Is there anything you want to bin or donate? Anything which can be stored? I have a rotation of homeware and store things according to seasons. Then place everything back carefullly and in a considered way. I love looking at Steve Cordony’s Instagram Reels for inspo.

This month is Second Hand September too, an initiative set up by Oxfam, and this year it’s fronted by Sienna Miller. Now’s a great time to sell, donate and make great second hand purchases. So many of my favourite pieces are hand-me-downs, or thrifted.

De-cluttering goes for your wardrobe, paperwork, and just about anything else which needs a little TLC too! Random note: Get Sorted is an amazing app for organising large batches of photos on your phone if, like me, you have 214916907384 photos to go through. Thank you Anna for the tip!


Set Goals

During the whole expanse of COVID-lockdown-confusion I didn’t really set many goals, but now that the world is opening up again it feels like a good time to revisit that practice.

Did you know that setting and achieving goals, even small ones, releases the feel-good hormone dopamine? No wonder I love the scratch of marking something off of my to-do list! It’s ASMR for list nerds.

I like to allocate an hour or two to goal-setting a handful of times a year. Usually alone one afternoon, living my best introverted life.

What do you want to achieve by the end of the year? What would you like to have achieved by this time next year? If you feel like sharing I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

And if you need some prompts, I love The Manifestation Collective, CollectiveGen and Lucy Sheridan’s prompts in the IG post I shared earlier.


Get a jump start on the festive season

Eep I said it! I find that the festive season swings round SO quickly once we’re into September!

Everything crossed we’ll be enjoying a festive season of much more freedom this year, and I for one want to make sure that I see my besties and celebrate. My advice? Get dates booked in ASAP, and make sure to leave room for rest too. I’ve learnt that I need margin, especially during busy periods, where I can catch up on life admin, have an evening in or just have the freedom to say yes to last-minute plans.

A little planning NOW will reap huge rewards when you’re navigating a multitue of Christmas plans.

The same goes for autumn dates!

What’s your take?

How are you navigating the second New Year this year? I’d love to hear what you have planned!

Love, Monica x

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