My Recipe For A Stellar Self Care Evening

March 12, 2018

Anthropologie Beauty | A Recipe For A Stellar Self Care Day | The Elgin Avenue Blog

We all have room for being a little kinder to ourselves. Popping a ‘self care evening’ into your diary is a great place to start.

Prior to moving house I was regularly taking time out to practice self care and it felt amazing.

Anything which helps you to step away from the busy-ness of day to day life is a habit worth investing in.

NB: That habit’s gone out the window now with the move! But I am SO looking forward to getting back into my self care groove when I can access the bath-currently-filled-with-IKEA-bags!

Self care will look different for every one, and I encourage you to really think about what feels like a luxury for you.

Although I think we can both agree on the transformational power of a freaking good bath-and-wine-combo?!

For me, self care is pretty DIY. A sanctuary-like experience you can create at home.

“get your diary out and allocate (at least) one evening just to you this month.”

In a bid to encourage you to take some more time for yourself, I’ve shared my recipe for a simple self care evening (or even few hours!) below.

Whilst I love piling on a face mask and having a good gossip with my girlfriends, often I feel most relaxed when I just take an evening to myself. I know that for me I recharge my batteries when I have a full evening alone, and so the minute I know Oli’s away I schedule that whole evening just for me!

In our busy lives, I think that the crucial thing here is the scheduling.

If it’s not in the diary it doesn’t happen, and so if I can encourage you to do one thing today it’s to get your diary out and allocate (at least) one evening just to you this month.

Anthropologie Beauty | A Recipe For A Stellar Self Care Day | The Elgin Avenue Blog

My Self Care Go-Tos

Living Sea Bath Salts | Bloomtown Botanicals Pink Himalayan Salt Soak

Australian Native Clay Mask Set | Lani Detox Mask all via Anthropologie c/o

My Recipe For A Stellar Self Care Evening

Soundtrack: Norah Jones.

I just got back into Norah Jones and I’m obsessed. Her music is the perfect soundtrack to a totally chilled evening.

Activity #1: Pampering Galore.

I absolutely adore the Lani Tropical Cacao detox mask. It smells obscenely delicious. The first time I used it I genuinely got hunger pangs from smelling its chocolatey scent on my skin. Afterwards your skin feels satisfyingly cleansed and tightened and is prime for a lovely rich facial oil, or serum – my favourite!

For the bath tub I cannot get enough of bath salts. I’ve spoken about the Bloomtown Botanicals Pink Himalayan Salts before – they’re HEAVENLY. I’m partial to layering my bath products, and so I’ll sprinkle in some Living Sea Bath Salts and a few drops of my favourite REN Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil too. 

Can you sense the cosy self care goodness already?!

A long long soak in the bath, with the lights off, candles and my favourite tunes on is about as great as it gets.

Combined with a generous glass of cold wine, and you’re winning at every chick flick cliché.

Activity #2: Netflix and CHILL. (The PG version!)

Netflix has turned me into a very willing couch potato and I will GLADLY set aside a couple of hours to carry that glass of wine, post bath, through to the living room.

Give me Love, Dynasty, or whatever my latest Netflix addiction is and I am a HAPPY girl.

Menu: The rule for a self-care evening is anything goes. Whatever makes you feel great is AOK. A big bowl of pasta. Takeout for one. This is ALL about the good vibes.

If a huge salad ticks that box for you – awesome! But for me I lean towards something more indulgent for my evening in.

Drink: All the wine. See above.

Followed by a warming herbal tea before bed.

Dress Code: strictly, and exclusively, casual. Dressing gowns encouraged.

Anthropologie Beauty | A Recipe For A Stellar Self Care Day | The Elgin Avenue BlogAnthropologie Beauty | A Recipe For A Stellar Self Care Day | The Elgin Avenue Blog

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What’s Your Take?

A self-care evening every now and then can totally reset a tricky week, shake off a weird vibe, or simply restore zapped energy.

Having practiced this routine regularly prior to moving I can vouch for how darn great it feels. And now that we don’t have access to our bath (just yet!) I can also tell you how much I miss it.

It’s funny how a habit you once didn’t have, can be one you miss so much when you get out of it. Anyhu, I can’t wait to join you in getting back into my self care groove soon.

Do you regularly practice self care? And if so, what does it look like for you? I’d love to know! 

Love, Monica x

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