Revisiting Health Home Hustle for 2022

January 20, 2022

2022 Wellbeing Habits: the Health Home Hustle approach by Monica Beatrice
Revisiting Health Home Hustle for 2022, let’s go!

The universal ‘fresh start’ of a new year is, I believe, a wonderful thing. That line-in-the-sand feeling—knowing that what has been is now behind you, you are where you are, and what’s ahead starts today—can be a great comfort. Especially after a challenging year (or few!) or a trying chapter.

Plus, there’s new stationery to be bought. And that’s always a win.

However, much though I love the cleansing feels of a new year, I’m also an advocate of the you-do-you approach to NY. What makes YOU feel good at the beginning of the year?

Over the past few years I’ve come to learn that the early weeks of January require a slow, recalibrating pace for me. Leaning gentlyyy into the new year allows me time to recover from the year prior, especially as October – December tends to be my busiest season with work. It also allows me to get on top of admin, and start the year on a good even footing.

This year I’m revisiting one of my guiding mantras—Health Home Hustle—to help me to shape my 2022. Here’s how I’m putting this simple framework into play this year.

I’d love to hear how you’re approaching the NY too, and if the below framework resonates with you!

2022 Wellbeing Habits: the Health Home Hustle approach by Monica Beatrice
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Health Home Hustle 2022

I first shared my Health Home Hustle approach wayyy back in 2017. And I still rely on this mantra daily.

In fact—teaser—it’s going to play a bigger role in my work this year.

Health Home Hustle is, simply put, an order of my priorities.

#1 Health ~ mental + physical wellbeing

#2 Home ~ my home life + home

#3 Hustle ~ my work and career

When these pillars are in order, generally speaking, I feel good.

Wellbeing Habits for a Productive 2022 Monica Beatrice Blog

Inverted pillars

So often work can feel like themostimportantthinginlife and therefore it gets prioritised above our health and home lives.

Working late . . . saying ‘yes’ when we’d love to say ‘thanks-but-no-thanks’ . . . permeable boundaries . . . any of this sound familiar?

What happens when the Health Home Hustle pillars are flipped upside down? 

Hustle first // Home second // Health wayyy down here . .  ?

If I’m regularly neglecting pillars 1 and 2, namely Health and Home, even if work is going well, I won’t feel good.

And ultimately if I don’t feel good, I can’t reap the benefits of my efforts anyway. Exhaustion, overwhelm and depletion impact my creativity, my ability to think clearly, and to find joy in any area of life.

Hence why Health Home Hustle became my mantra. After a couple of bouts of burnout in my teens and early twenties, I shifted my efforts to prioritise my health first and foremost, and it changed my life for the better.

‘Health Home Hustle’ reminds me in an easy-to-recall way, which areas in my life need my attention, and in which order.

The good news? If I’m regularly taking care of my health and home, the work ‘hustle’ portion unfolds with more ease, which I have found ultimately has a positive effect on my career too.

Short seasons when priorities flip

A big project, a hefty deadline, a ‘busy season’ . . . I’ve found that a short term inversion of the Health Home Hustle pillars is manageable. Emphasis on the ‘short term’.

There are periods when work takes precedent. Or indeed, when my home and home life need more attention. That’s normal.

I just make sure to pour some extra TLC into my Health and Home pillars. Think: a week of early nights, a day of re-organising shelves (one of my favourite zen tasks!), a bit more ‘me time’. Whatever tops your cup up!

Proritising a Gentle Start to 2022
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How I apply my Health Home Hustle approach all year long

Daily Habits

Health: move my body, eat nourishing food, get good quality sleep, take supplements to support my health, practice mindfulness.

Home: connect with Ols, send + reply to personal messages, tidy up daily clutter (laundry, dishwasher, making the bed), change the air.

Hustle: create focused to-do lists, stay on top of daily tasks (emails + social), work on tasks as part of larger projects.

Weekly + Monthly Habits

Health: book gym classes + organise ‘walk and talks’ with friends, do regular food shops to stock up on nourishing food (makes healthy meals a LOT easier to assemble), re-stock supplements, schedule any regular health appointments (dentist, women’s health etc). Cycle track – I just use my iPhone health app.

Home: organise time to see friends and family, schedule personal appointments (nails, hair etc) allocate ‘me time’ (this introvert needs alone time, ha!), bi-weekly deep clean of the flat, change of bedding, wash floors etc.

Hustle: work on larger projects, content ideas, update my editorial calendar, pitch to brands, liaise with clients, review monthly stats, keep accounts up to date.

Yearly Habits

Health: set longer-term health goals. Pencil in time off + holiday/travel time. Set and maintain positive habits, e.g. walking a number of steps per day, or focusing on a particular exercise style. Maintain regular health appointments.

Home: put big dates in the diary inc. travel, weddings, special occasions, visiting friends + family. Add birthdays to the calendar + reminders a week before. Create a wish list of projects for the home, inc. any big purchases. Work on a ‘snagging list’ of things which need to be repaired or updated throughout the year. Think about fun seasonal things to do all year long.

Hustle: set long-term work goals inc. new projects + aims. Look at expenses (time and financial) and explore options to streamline both. Create a wish list of people and brands to work with. Set a financial target for revenue and savings.

Proritising a Gentle Start to 2022

What’s your take?

Revisiting Health Home Hustle has reminded me of how impactful this framework has been for me since I implemented it a few years back. Truly, as soon as I made Health my first priority in a real, tangible way, everything else fell into place with more ease.

Does this framework resonate with you? I’d love to hear if so!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

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