Meet: Our Pink Sofa

August 12, 2021

dwell Pink Sofa Monica Beatrice
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dwell Pink Sofa Monica Beatrice


She’s heeeeere! Please meet: our brand new pink sofa! Isn’t she a beaut?!

I shared my tips on choosing a new sofa in my last interiors post so I won’t go into too much detail on that front again. However, I will share how our beautiful new pink sofa came to be and how Oli and I decided on this particular style and hue!

Ready? Let’s dive in!

dwell Pink Sofa Monica Beatrice


Sofa style: Bergen Right Hand Facing 4 Seat Chaise End Sofa from dwell

Fabric: Dusky Pink Alba Velvet

dwell Pink Sofa Monica Beatrice

As I mentioned in this post, Oli and I knew that we wanted to go for another L-shaped sofa. The chaise helps to section off an area and create a cosy nook. Plus I looove stretching out and have firmly claimed ‘my spot’ on the sofa already!

We looked at a number of dwell’s L-shaped sofas, the Lugano style sofa was also a front-runner! Ultimately the Bergen style sofa ticked all of our boxes: size (just a little larger than our last one), shape and design.

The Bergen sofa has a number of design details which elevate it: the ‘secret’ bolster cushions – making leaning back SO comfortable! Plus the piping detail, buttons and tapered wooden legs all lend to the elegance of this design.

dwell Pink Sofa Monica Beatrice


You may not think that it would be my husband’s choice to have a pink sofa, but it was in fact Oli who suggested the colour! It took him convincing me!

My main concern with choosing a pink sofa was that some pink hues are too saccharine for my taste. Plus I didn’t want to choose a big-ticket item which I would regret or tire of quickly. Once we’d decided on the design, we ordered a selection of fabric swatches for comparison.

We stuck to neutral light hues, and ordered an array of stone-y colours, and the dusky pink.

My advice? Whatever you do – don’t skip this step! Ordering samples, be it for upholstered furniture, your flooring or your paint, can be a game-changer! There have been occasions in the past when Oli and I thought we were ‘sold’ on a colour or fabric, only to receive the sample and not like it! Or receive another sample and LOVE it! Most companies will send you samples for free, or for a nominal charge.

Ultimately, I loved the dusky pink fabric swatch! Since we live in a Georgian flat, Oli and I mostly choose pieces which are sympathetic to the era, and as it turns out a soft pink is in-keeping!

dwell Pink Sofa Monica Beatrice


Funnily enough I already have a soft pink sofa in my office, so I was already kind-of used to having a statement colour sofa. But having a much larger one in our living room, which is our main entertaining and relaxation room, felt like a bigger commitment! Here are a few tips for choosing a statement colour sofa:

– consider your overall colour scheme 
Our pink sofa IS a statement, but it works harmoniously with the rest of the colours in our living room, and throughout the flat. If you’re unsure if a certain colour will work, take your fabric swatch (see, SO handy!) and lay it against other colours in the room. Does it work with your walls? The other furniture? Your artwork? You can go one step further and create a mood board with colours you’re using to double check that your statement hue will work. A true ‘pop’ of colour can look amazing too!

– use a colour wheel
This sounds like such an old-fashioned way to do it, but it works! If you want to choose a statement colour, have a look at a colour wheel and see what’s directly next to your colour, and what’s directly opposite. You can even Google colour wheel calculators!

– go with it!
A statement is a statement for a reason! If you want to go for a fun colour, I say lean into it. I LOVE our new pink sofa and am so enjoying styling it up! For me, adding my own cushions and a tasselled throw immediately bedded it into our living room and overall aesthetic. Try experimenting with your own mix of cushions and blankets to make it yours.

dwell Pink Sofa Monica Beatrice


I LOVE our new pink sofa, but you already know that because I’ve only mentioned it a hundred times, ha! It feels elegant and boujee and makes a statement without being too imposing. Every evening I exclaim to Oli how much I adore ‘my sofa’ so truly everyone is in the loop as to my obsession.

Next up: styling the wall above! We have our carpenter lined up to add shelving to either side of the fireplace, and a long picture shelf above the sofa. I’ll keep you updated!

I know I mentioned it in my last post, but it’s worth mentioning again: dwell have been a dream to order from. This is the second dwell item I’ve ordered, and each time they’ve kept me in the loop on everything, delivered on time and the delivery teams have been so helpful! Plus, if you need assistance choosing your item, their online customer service is amazing, and you can always pop into a store if you want to peruse the items IRL! If you’re looking to make an update to your own home, especially big-ticket items, I really recommend checking dwell out!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash