How To Get Organised For The Festive Season

Red Tartan Christmas Pyjamas | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

This December I am feeling VERY festive and I want to make the most of the twinky-light season without descending into end-of-year burnout.

Since we all need some extra-vigorous organisation over the festive season, I’ve decided to share some of my top tips for getting your ducks in a row.

More champagne, and less chance of coughs and colds.

Sounds good right?!

How To Get Organised Over The Festive Season | The Elgin Avenue Blog

5 Ways To Get Organised For The Festive Season

1 – Put ALL Of Your Commitments Into Your Diary

Diarising up a storm is the best way to see allllllll of your commitments in one place.

The brilliant Anna Newton recently sent out a newsletter with tips on acing your diary (an extract from her new book no less!), and I couldn’t agree more with Anna’s thoughts. A well-organised diary makes you feel in control and should leave you with room to breathe.

VERY important over the festive season.

In terms of commitments for your diary, remember to pop in . . .

  • Workouts/wellbeing appointments. (The hardest ones to stick to over the festive period!).
  • Traditions you want to take part in.
  • Parties.
  • Down time. (SO important).
  • Work commitments and deadlines.

The festive season cranks everything up by 1,000,000% and it’s so important to factor in the ‘normal’ life things (workouts, down time, deadlines) so that you leave room for F U N (Winter Wonderland, wreath-making, hangovers ha!).

Cute Christmas Card Design | How To Get Organised Over The Festive Season | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Writing Christmas Cards | How To Get Organised Over The Festive Season | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Wrapping Gifts | How To Get Organised Over The Festive Season | The Elgin Avenue Blog

2 – Choose A Gifting Theme

I wrote about this last year, and it still rings true –  a gifting theme is a great way of streamlining your gift-giving for the season.

You choose one theme for your presents and run with it!

Perhaps it’s wall art (I’ve ordered some lovely prints from Desenio this season), or scarves, or scents . . . ? Whatever it may be, choose a theme and buy for as many people as possible around that theme.

2.5 – And/Or Keep A Running Gift List

I hear you! What if someone doesn’t fit within your ‘theme’? Or if you fancy choosing more bespoke presents?

I find it SUPER helpful to keep a running note with gift ideas for people.

Around autumn time I’m on high alert for hints, or throwaway comments about things people like.

It’s almost always impossible to for me to think of gifts on the fly, and so having a running list to refer to is great. Plus it helps with budgeting since you have a rough gauge of how much you’ll be spending.

If budgeting is on your mind in general, this guide – again by Anna – is a super helpful structure to follow for saving some pennies.

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3 – Order Your Food And Drink Ahead Of Time

It may feel EARLY to be ordering your Christmas dinner, but think about how many people are celebrating on December 25th!

To avoid a last-minute turkey panic, or strange substitutions, book your food and drink deliveries ASAP.

The same goes for orders at the butchers.

Again, if you can pay ahead of time it will help to stagger your December outgoings.

PLUS if you keep an eye on special offers you may be able to nab a great deal on, sayyy, the fizz!

Red Tartan Christmas Pyjamas | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue BlogHow To Get Organised Over The Festive Season | The Elgin Avenue Blog

4 – Create A ‘Wrap & Write’ Station

Writing Christmas cards and wrapping presents are two tasks I LOVE, but which take me forever. 

*I’m very invested in my bow placement.*

This year I’ve decided to create my own ‘wrap & write’ station, to cut down on the faff.

Cue bulk buying! I’m stocking up on sellotape, paper, ribbons, scissors and anything else I can think of to help my wrapping needs.

I’m then popping a few hours into my diary (see point #1!) dedicated to wrapping and writing.

Light a candle, up the Christmas tunes and enjoy!

Red Tartan Christmas Pyjamas | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

5 – Get Ahead Of Your Commitments

“Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail” – doesn’t it ring so true? I have Oli and his days of basketball training to thank for that one!

I also imagine it being said by a really intimidating coach, and that’s enough to scare me a bit as well ha!

Anyhu, getting ahead of your commitments is one of the best ways to make sure you’re prepared for them.

So if you have a party in a couple of weeks, think about what you’re going to wear now. And if you need to, give it a steam or take it to the dry cleaners. Choose your accessories, book in your manicure, whatever you need.

Same goes for work things. Will you be required to do an end of year review? Can you start structuring it now?

I’d rather finish my work early, and put a bit of pressure on myself now, than wait until the last minute and panic. Especially when there are MUCH more important things to be focusing on.

See: Netflix’s terrible array of Christmas movies.

Get ahead of yourself, in every way possible, so that you can truly switch off for Christmas.


It’s all in the planning! Spending some quality time with your diary, a notebook and some stationery supplies will help you to organise your festive season.

I’m ALL for some extra effort now, so that I can see in the end of December on a high!

What’s Your Take?

How do you structure your time over the festive season? Do you feel like you are able to get organised ahead of time, and are you hoping to do so this year?

I’d love to hear any tips you have too!

Love, Monica x

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