5 Organisational Habits To Get Into For A Clean And Tidy Home

January 29, 2019

Simple tidying tips for a more organised home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I don’t know about you, but an organised home makes ME feel like an organised human.

I love it when my laundry is done, clutter is tidied away and my home is looking its Instagram best. (Joking! Kind of ????)

Plus, since I work from home I’ve noticed a direct correlation between how organised my home is, and how clear-thinking and productive I feel.

If things are untidy and there are chores weighing on my mind, there’s an underlying stress.

If you feel the same, I hope today’s post will be helpful for you!

5 Organisational Habits To Get Into For A Clean And Tidy Home

1. Clutter Clearing

Simple tidying tips for a more organised home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Eep, I said it! The #1 thing Oli and I have done to enjoy a more organised home is to CLEAR things out.

Not away. OUT.

If you are one of the 1467319 people who has started to watch Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series, you’ll already be familiar with ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying‘. AKA the KonMari method.

The KonMari method teaches you tidy by category, rather than by room. You only hold on to the things which ‘spark joy’.

If you own things you don’t like or use, your home will never be as zen as it could be.

And I’m ALL for a zen home.

We still have a way to go, but every time I open a cupboard which has been purged and then re-organised I feel like there’s a little chorus of angels singing.

2. Clean Up A Little Every Day

Simple tidying tips for a more organised home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

My Mum (who is a cleaning goddess) taught me the sense in ‘cleaning up a little every day’.

The theory being, if you do a load of laundry, sweep the floor, clean your surfaces . . . whatever it may be . . . every day, you never have a BIG cleaning day looming.

Plus, it cuts down on the fear factor if someone ‘pops by’ with little warning.

I used to spend almost every Saturday doing a deep clean of our flat, and whilst I didn’t mind it, I realised that there were other (WAY more fun!) ways I could spend my weekend.

Now Oli and I both try to clean and tidy a little bit every day, so that we only need to do a big clean every once in a while.

3. If Something Can Be Done In Under A Minute, Do It Without Delay

Speaking of speedy tidying . . .

The ‘one-minute rule’ is one of Gretchen Rubin’s most famous productivity hacks. If something can be done in under one minute, do it without delay.

Applying this to organising your home, there are SO many mini tasks which can be done without delay.

It’s a SUPER simple rule, but one which I employ all the time.

Simple tidying tips for a more organised home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

4. Have The Right Cleaning Tools


One of the biggest stumbling blocks to completing any task is not having the tools you need to complete it.

If you feel like you’re always lacking ‘X’ cleaning supply or ‘Y’ tool, then make it your mission to stock up on everything you need.

Cleaning supplies I always have include:

Microfibre cloths.

Non-abrasive sponges.

Soda crystals.

Waitrose’s Ecological Multi-Purpose Cleaner – I am OBSESSED with this!

Dettol spray cleaner.

White vinegar – for glass surfaces.

Rubber gloves.

Washing up liquid/laundry detergent

Vanish stain remover.

You can buy a cute basket and keep your cleaning supplies in one place, making it tidy AND easy to locate.

5. If You Don’t Have Enough Storage, Buy More Storage

Simple tidying tips for a more organised home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

^^^ One of my favourite storage units! A re-painted open shelving unit which we were handed down by friends. We have two in our kitchen and I love them so much! ^^^

Coming off of the back of a clutter-clearing spree, it can be really hard to commit to buying something new.

But sometimes you need to buy storage so that you have a ‘proper place’ to put things.

Once everything has a place, it’s SO much easier to tidy it away and locate it when you need it.

Random things like having a location for condiments, has helped our kitchen to feel more organised. I have this pretty metal wire basket from H&M home and I LOVE it.

Plus, you can get creative. A neutral woven basket can be used for so many things, from storing guest linens, to housing scarves and hats, to acting as a magazine storage spot.

Currently I’m on the hunt for a shoe storage unit, and a solution for all of my makeup and skincare. At the moment they’re both taking up space in random areas. I would love to house them in a place which is allocated to them.

Any suggestions?

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite storage solutions below.


I always find that an organised and clean home environment, leads to an organised and more content mindset for me too.

By implementing a big clutter-clear, and a few simple habits, I’ve really noticed a positive impact on my home.


This may be one of the nerdiest blog posts I’ve ever written, but oh MY do I love talking about this stuff!

Do you have any hard and fast rules about keeping your home tidy? If so, I’d love to hear them!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash


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