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S3 // Ep 1 // Notes on Building a Dream Brand with Elizabeth Scarlett Founder Elizabeth Petrides

April 11, 2023



Welcome back to a brand new season of the Health Home Hustle podcast!

To kick start Season 3 I am thrilled to welcome my dear friend Elizabeth (Lizzie) Petrides to the show, founder of the eponymous brand Elizabeth Scarlett!

In this conversation Lizzie and I have a deeply personal 1:1 ~ talking about her phenomenal growth with Elizabeth Scarlett, the biggest challenges she’s faced as a business owner, the best advice she has for fellow entrepreneurs and her experience of growing her family alongside her brand. We touch on kindness, motherhood and – of course! – wellbeing. This is an open, warm conversation with one of the most inspiring people I know.

A little background: Elizabeth Scarlett is a family-owned business, founded by artist and conservationist Elizabeth Scarlett Petrides. Driven by her passion to give back to our natural world, Lizzie creates beautiful, embroidered accessories, inspired by nature and designed to last. The brand’s goal is to raise £2 million for wildlife conservation by 2030. At the time of recording the brand has already raised over £320,000 and counting!

If you are a fan of Elizabeth Scarlett, a fellow business-owner, you have big creative dreams or you’re just curious about how a dream can become a thriving reality, this episode is for you!

Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth Petrides to the Health Home Hustle Podcast!









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