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Happy new week lovelies!

Today I am sharing the first instalment of a two part series, sharing my home office decor, including ten things I love in my work environment.  These items keep me motivated, sane and inspired whilst working.

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I work from home 90% of the time, and so the way my home office looks and feels is super important to me.

As my office is tucked in to mine and Oli’s bedroom, keeping on top of tidiness is of double importance – the bedroom has to be tidy for my office to feel calm, and vice versa.

Recently we let the cleanliness of our room slip (naughty us!) and it affected my work so much, I actually hid away in our living room for ten days straight and worked on my laptop from there.

Finally we cleaned up – life happens – but it feels SO good to be back to my tidy office.

Now all of the things I love seeing on my desk are back in place.

Here are a few items which make my home office feel especially lovely to me, make sure to check in tomorrow for part two!


Blogger Home Office Inspiration | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Fresh flowers

Beautiful Deskk Flowers - Roses | Home Office Inspiration | The Elgin Avenue Blog 

I fill our flat with as many fresh flowers as I can – my office included.

I adore the immediate gratification of seeing something beautiful when you walk in to a room. Right now a bouquet of cream and peach roses is adorning my desk.  Oli often pops in with flowers and I can’t deny that I feel totally romanced every time he does ????!

Whenever I am having a ‘meh’ moment, I naturally look to the flowers on my desk and smile.


Tiny buddha figurine

Miniature Buddah Ornament | Blogger Home Office | The Elgin Avenue Blog


My sister, Dad and I attended a meditation class on our last holiday to Menorca. Whilst we are not buddhist, I respect and believe in, a lot of buddhist teachings, and our meditation class was fantastic. We learnt how to ‘extinguish feelings of irritation’.

I would consider myself quite patient (unless I am hungry hangry!), but I have been thinking about our meditation class every time I get a little bit annoyed. Our teacher used the analogy of a match (which I am paraphrasing) – ‘When you begin to feel annoyed it is as if you have lit a match, rather than allow the match to catch fire (and become anger) blow the match out immediately.’

Following our class my sister bought the three of us a miniature buddha figurine from a souvenir shop. I love having it in my eye sight, it reminds me to keep calm even in stressful situations – and to ‘blow out the match’.


Watercolour painting

Home Office Decor | The Elgin Avenue Blog

When Oli and I moved in together, my parents offered us any furniture they were not using to furnish our place (thanks Mum and Dad!), although we didn’t end up taking many things, I saw this print of Jemima In Anglesey, by Sir William Russell Flint, and asked my Mum if she would mind me putting it in our home.

I love the scene of women washing their clothes in a stream, it looks so peaceful.

The painting was originally in a dull brown frame, which I replaced for a simple white frame from IKEA. I recently removed a large inspiration pin board (which I am re-pinning to) from above my desk, and this small free standing painting is a serene alternative.


Embroidered chair cushion

Embriodered Chair Cushion | Blogger Home Office | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I have been meaning to replace my desk chair forever, it is not very ergonomic. Whilst I take my sweet time choosing a proper office chair, I recently bought a cushion from a design store local to us.

It is so much more comfortable to sit on for hours!

Other gorgeous office cushions I love > > >


Safety matches & scented candle

Pretty Design Safety Matches + Cologne Candle | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I get to a certain point in the day when I need to reset and reboot – normally around 3pm. Whenever I feel the ‘slump’ I take a break – normally to make tea – and then light a delicious smelling candle. This simple gesture shifts the vibe of the office, and comforts me for the last few hours of the day.

I bought these matches in Paris, they were so expensive but I loved them – I just had to buy them! Ha! The candle is by Nota Bene and smells INCREDIBLE! It is quite a masculine scent – woody and warm.


I would love to hear what makes your work environment feel special for you – even if you do not work from home! And fellow home office guys and gals – how do you add personality to your space? 

Leave me a comment below ???????????????????????? (and yes, I only just figured out how to use emojis on my Mac ???? – apologies in advance!)

Love, Monica x

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