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So this week got off to a bit of a funny start didn’t it? Thank you friends for your patience on Monday, the host server for The Elgin Avenue (and many other sites) went down for emergency maintenance work whatever that means for a whole 24 hours!

No site, no emails.

I spent the day researching some new developments for The Elgin Avenue – it was like going back to school for a ‘library day’ ????!

Anyhu, today (with a slightly backed up schedule) I am excited to share with you the second instalment of my home office decor series, you can check out my first post here.

Check out what I have been pinning for inspiration! > > >

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Over the years I’ve worked for myself, I have ferreted away in a number of locations – my kitchen table, sofa, adopted cafés . . . but it is only when Oli and I moved in to our new home and I could develop my own home office area that I felt truly settled during my working day.

I love having an organised, inspiring space dedicated to my work. Albeit in a room shared with our bed and clothing rails . . . but hey, I’ll take any (decent) space I can get!

The day we have a second bedroom I can turn in to an office . . . #livingthedream!

In the mean time here is the second instalment of the details which make my home office feel comfortable, motivational and lovely for me.

I would love to know what you think of the details I have used in my space, and any you love yourself. Leave me a comment at the bottom of the post ????????!



Inspirational posters & cards

Motivational Poster + Garance Doré Stationery | Blogger Home Office | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I made the inspirational poster above (using these glitter stickers), following on from the buddhist teaching of Tao – reminding me to go with the flow whatever might be happening at any one time.

I find having that mantra in sight super helpful, especially on stressful days, or in situations which aren’t going how I would like them to go!

I also keep hold of any lovely cards I receive, and like to display them. My long-term intern Elle is the sweetest, and always sends super cute cards like the ones below.

Sweet Stationery | Blogger Home Office | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Respite books

Desktop Fashion Books | Blogger Home Office | The Elgin Avenue

Sometimes I just need a break from the screen; in these moments I like to have a few colourful paper books to flick through.

Recently my friend Kathryn sent me the Flip Fashion Designer book by Lucille Clerc, I cannot even tell you how excited I was to receive it! It is the coolest book, with four different design sections you can change at random, making up any outfit/makeup/accessory combination you like.

I also picked up LOVE by Yves Saint Laurent when I was in Paris earlier in the year (unfortunately I cannot find it online – sorry!). It is the sweetest composition of illustrations, and quotes. I love this one:

“The measure of love is love without measure.” by Saint Augustine.

And I’ve hopped on the colouring book train! I haven’t started my Millie Marotta colouring book adventure yet, but I have heard it is really soothing.


Pretty stationery

Pretty Office Stationery | Blogger Home Office | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Aside from its Instagram value, pretty stationery is an effective pick me up at work. It can often be overlooked for practicality, but I have found there to be little price difference between pretty stationery, and not-pretty stationery.

My favourites at the moment include gold-tone paperclips, a Sloane Stationery notebook and notecards from the Victoria & Albert Museum.


‘My’ Pantone mug

Pantone Coffee Mug | Blogger Home Office | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I love coffee and herbal tea, and often punctuate my day with trips to the kitchen for both. I feel comforted with something warm and yummy beside me at my desk, and a pretty mug makes all the difference. I had been ogling the Pantone mugs in one of our local cafés for the longest time and finally decided to go for it and buy myself one! I love the turquoise hue.

Even when I worked in a shared office environment my Dad always told me to take my own mug to work. He said (and it was true!) that you would feel happier drinking from it, and having a little piece of your home at work.

How gorgeous are these gold cups?! £23 for a set of four – amazing!

 Other pretty office mugs I love >>>



Sheepskin Rug + Gold Shoes | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Every day I get dressed complete with shoes, and inevitably every day I kick them off under my desk.

I like the feeling of my feet on the floor, especially when there is a lovely rug beneath them. Oli and I bought this sheepskin rug at a famers market, but this cosy shaggy style from Next looks super comfy too.


I have loved sharing my home office details with you guys!

If you too are setting up a work space at home, I hope that some of the details I have shared will help you. Be it filling your office with quotes which will beat the 3pm slump, or a sunny note to make you smile – anything that can motivate you through your work is a win in my eyes!

Leave me a comment with any thoughts below ????????! (Just one emoji hand today!)

Love, Monica x

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