My Experience Of The KonMari Tidying Method – Part 1


“I gathered every single piece of clothing I own, from all the far flung places in my home, and put them in to one room.”

 Some of you may have seen on Instagram that I recently began the KonMari method of tidying.

For those of you not in the know about KonMari, here’s a quick catchup: Marie Kondo is a professional cleaning consultant, hailing from Japan, and has written two books about the life-changing effects of tidying your house, also called ‘the KonMari method’. The first book, for which Marie is most well-known, is The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, and the second most recent addition is Spark Joy.

I have read the first title, the one which has had so many people, myself included, turning their homes and offices upside down, getting rid of bags (and bags and bags) of stuff, in a bid to create a perfectly calm, relaxing, and crucially – forever tidy – space.

Over the next few months I am going to check in with you guys here to update you on how I have been finding the method, it’s had so much media attention over the past year or so, and I am excited to share my own experience with you.

So here’s the first step I’ve taken . . .

My Experience Of The KonMari Tidying Method – Part 1  – Clothes

 Oli has been on at me for years (as actually most people have in my life) about how many clothes I own – namely, A LOT. In my head I know I own a lot of clothes, I love fashion, dressing and it is part of my job, however until last week I hadn’t confronted quite how many clothes I own, and in particular how many I never, ever ever ever wore.


I shall allow you guys to read Marie Kondo’s book should you wish to, which goes in to great depth about how to tidy your house, however the most striking difference I found, in using the KonMari method, as opposed to any other prior tidying method I had, was that you tidy by category.

I.e. for clothes, I gathered every single piece of clothing I own, from all the far flung places in my home, and put them in to one room. At the same time. And OHHHH MYYYYYY did I have a lot of clothes! And shoes. And accessories. And things I had completely forgotten.

???????? My actual KonMari clothing empty-out scenario! ????????

KonMari Tidying Review | The Elgin Avenue

“I was shocked at the amount of items I was happy, even thrilled, to part with”

I’ve often felt weighed down by a ‘feeling’ in our home, and I’ve never been quite sure what it was, I thought perhaps our home wasn’t organised enough, or tidy, or something, and I’ve come to realise that simply we have too much stuff. Too much stuff, specifically, that we do not even like.

The KonMari method states that everything in your home must ‘spark joy’, this is the only barometer Marie Kondo uses to determine if things should stay in your home or not. Once I had applied this to my clothes, I was shocked at the amount of items I was happy, even thrilled, to part with, and I immediately felt lighter.

For me, I organised my clothes in to bags that were going immediately to charity, and items I would sell at a friends and family clothing sale at my home, which I completed last weekend. For two days straight – Saturday and Sunday – I had friends, friends of friends, and family – popping by our home to pick up any items of clothing they wished to take home. By the end of the weekend about 80% of the items I had put out had gone, and everything else I bagged up and took to charity – no looking back! Previously I would have looked at items with some value, and put them away for another day, to go on eBay, or to sell at another clothing sale (which I normally host bi-annually), but I can’t tell you how AMAZING it felt to bag everything up and let it go.

For me, I found the KonMari tidying experience quite emotional. Looking at the huge pile of clothes I had amassed, I felt a bit sad at all of the items I never used, and also silly for spending so much money. It’s been a wake-up call for me, I still love clothes and fashion, but I am committed to purchasing items which truly enrich my life, and which I can’t wait to wear.

Our home still hasn’t recovered from the sale, we had to empty all of our clothing rails for the sale and so we’ve been camping in our living room all week! I can’t wait to spend the weekend re-fitting our room, and hanging up my considerably smaller, ‘joy-filled’ wardrobe!

I would love to hear if any of you have used the KonMari method? And if so, how have you found it? Do you have any questions for me about the first phase?

I’m excited to share with you, as we go!

Love, Monica x

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