Modern French Manicures: A New Love For Playful Nails

February 3, 2022

Playful Nail Art Ideas Monica Beatrice Blog
The modern French manicure: let’s discuss!

I LOVE getting my nails done. In fact I’d hazard to say that it’s my #1 treat of choice, and one of my most favourite ways to switch off. Prior to the pandemic I was strictly a short-squoval-one-colour kinda gal, but now? Oh how times have changed.

Blame Anna for introducing me to Harriet Westmoreland’s IG account for my sudden, unexpected infatuation with the modern French manicure. Harriet makes the simplest of details, like a peachy half moon, look chic and oh-so-covetable.

In April 2021 I embarked on my first French manicure in a looooooong time. And to my surprise, I LOVED it! The simplicity of the natural nail colour, topped with the white tips looked healthy, chic and polished ~ exactly how I wanted to feel whilst riding the waves of pandemic uncertainty.

Since that first French mani, I’ve since been experimenting with coloured tips, designs, and even a different shape.

I know. Who AM I?!

Nowadays my preference is for a slightly longer nail, with rounded edges. If you opt for a clear, natural colour for your mani base, the re-growth is also super low maintenance. I usually keep my gel nails on for around 3 weeks.

Though it may seem like a small thing, having a regular nail appointment and experimenting with new colours, has brought me SO much joy over the past year. And right now I’m leaning into anything which brings more of the good feels into my orbit! If you’re keen to upgrade your own mani, I’ve popped some of my designs from the last year into this post. Plus I have lots more inspo over on my Pinterest: /MonicaBeatriceW!

Playful Nail Art Ideas Monica Beatrice Blog Playful Nail Art Ideas Monica Beatrice Blog

More Playful Nail Inspo

@OverglowEdit ~ my #1 inspo account for playful nail art, and fun poppy colours.
@HarrietWestmoreland ~ the queen of the chic, modern French mani.
@PaintboxNails ~ my first stop next time I’m in NY! Have stalked this salon + brand for years.

What’s Your Take?

Are you into a playful manicure? When was the last time you had a French mani? I’d love to know your thoughts! These are important questions friends.

Love, Monica x