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May 10, 2024

Mastering my Skincare Routine via Skin Type with No7 Derm Solutions

Let’s dive into one of my favourite topics: skincare! Specifically, how I’ve been mastering my skincare routine with the help of the No7 Derm Solutions™ skincare range! The beauty of this range lies in its systemisation of products, categorised both by skin type and skin concerns. 

Dealing with dehydrated and sensitive skin? Opt for the Dry & Sensitive Skin range. Concerned about blemishes? Explore the Oily & Blemish-Prone products. If your skin generally feels comfortable, then the All Skin Types collection is your go-to. And of course, you can mix and match your products to create a bespoke skincare routine which works perfectly for you!

To make the most of the products it helps to know a bit about your skin type. Which—all cards on the table—can be a challenge in itself! How can you tell which skin type you have? Especially if you experience a variety of skin challenges?

Below I’m sharing a whistle-stop tour of skin types, products to lend a helping hand with each, and my own skin regimen of late!

Navigating Skincare Chapters

No7 Derm Solutions™ Skincare Range Review | Monica Beatrice Blog

By now, I’m confident there isn’t a millennial in the UK unfamiliar with No7— the iconic skincare and beauty brand. Renowned for its effective yet straightforward approach to beauty, No7 has long been a staple in discerning beauty enthusiasts’ collections. No7 Derm Solutions™, with a line of dermatologist-approved core skincare solutions, is tailored to address specific skincare concerns.

Did you know that your skin type can evolve over time? External factors such as oxidative stress, sleep patterns, and pollution, along with internal factors like hormones and stress, can all influence your skin type. During my teens and early twenties, I battled hormonal acne. Thankfully, acne is not something I currently struggle with, however my skin still experiences phases of dryness, oiliness, and periods of relative calm. It’s been a journey!

Now, as I navigate through pregnancy and postpartum, my skincare needs have shifted once again. Understanding your unique skin type is crucial, and No7 provides an excellent guide to help you along the way.

How to Identify Your Skin Type | Monica Beatrice Blog

How to Identify Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is empowering. Once you know what youre working with you can hone in on products which can help your natural beauty to shine!

Oily Skin

Oily skin is typified by an over-production of sebum, giving the appearance of shinyskin. The good news? As beauty site Byrdie reported, people with oily skin tend to have thicker skin and fewer wrinkles—yay! The challenge? Oily skin can be more prone to blemishes as oil mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria, thus encouraging spots.

So, how to treat oily skin? Focus on a gentle, rebalancing skincare routine, including a cleanser for oily skin, which whisks away excess oil without over-drying. We still want that glow!

The No7 Derm Solutions™ Bundle for oily and blemish prone skin is a trio of products designed to work their magic for oily skin. Ive been using the serum and moisturiser myself and find them to be great for balancing oiliness while simultaneously deeply nourishing my skin.

Combination Skin

Combination skin girlies, Im with you! Currently, I classify my skin type as ‘combination,’ with certain areas being oily (forehead, nose, and chin) and others slightly dry (cheeks and chin—again!). 

Arguably combination skin can be the most confusing skin type to buy for. Do you lean into products which target dry skin areas? Skin treatments which work for blemishes? The answer is a bit of both!

All skin types need to be hydrated, so focusing on a moisturiser like the Derm Solutions™ Lightweight Hydrating Lotion for Oily Skin which can hydrate the skin without overwhelming it. You can then mix in a treatment product to target blemishes.

Dry Skin

What causes dry skin? Dry skin can be genetic, it can be encouraged by environmental factors like cold air and central heating, and/or it can be exasperated by allergies and intolerances. Whatever the reasoning behind dry skin, it can be incredibly uncomfortable. It can also impact the skins appearance, leading it to look dull and dehydrated.

If dry skin is your nemesis, let me point you in the direction of the Derm Solutions™ Bundle for Dry Skin. Packed with products designed to deeply nourish the skin, this trio of skincare goodies should leave your skin feeling hydrated, quenchedand looking more radiant.

Sensitive Skin

Much though I classify myself as a combination skin girly, I also land firmly in this category. So, what is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is characterised by a reactive disposition, often looking red after products have been applied. Touching the skin, scratching it or leaning on overly-active ingredients can cause redness and itchiness.

Thankfully, my skin sensitivities tend to calm down quite quickly, but I still try to lean on products which wont leave skin feeling sensitive in the first place.

If a sensitive skin type is ringing true for you too, again (you guessed it!) No7 has a skin bundle for you! The No7 Derm Solutions™ Bundle for sensitive skin is your go-to.

Normal Skin

And finally, lets talk about normalskin. If this skin category sounds familiar to you, please do a happy little dance! This is arguably the easiest skin type to select products for, as youll be leaning into skin maintenanceover targeting any skincare concerns.

A simple cleansing and moisturising routine should be sufficient, focusing on nourishing products to maintain the status quo.

My Skincare Essentials

How to Identify Your Skin Type | Monica Beatrice Blog How to Identify Your Skin Type | Monica Beatrice Blog

In my quest to perfect my skincare routine and address my skin’s current needs, I’ve incorporated several No7 Derm Solutions™ products into my regimen. Below, I’ve outlined my personalised selection, ensuring that each product is tailored to meet my skin’s individual requirements.


No7 Derm Solutions™ Comforting Cream Cleanser for Dry & Sensitive Skin

Mastering my Skincare Routine via Skin Type with No7 Derm SolutionsHow to Identify Your Skin Type | Monica Beatrice Blog

Thorough cleansing is the cornerstone of my skincare routine. When my cleansing routine is on point, my skin appears radiant, refreshed, and feels more comfortable. In the evenings, I begin with an oil-based cleanser followed by the Derm Solutions™ Comforting Cream Cleanser. This gentle cleanser effectively removes any traces of makeup while helping preserve my skin’s moisture barrier. No post-cleanse tightness here! Fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, this cream cleanser is perfect for someone like me with sensitive skin. My skin feels clean and soothed after each use.


No7 Derm Solutions™ Skin Balancing Serum for All Skin Types

No7 Derm Solutions Balancing Serum | Monica Beatrice BlogHow to Get Glowing Skin with No7 Derm Solutions™ skincare range | Monica Beatrice Blog

Incorporating a serum into my skincare routine has significantly improved the overall radiance and comfort of my skin. This one is antioxidant-rich, featuring a blend of Green Tea, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types, this serum addresses common concerns such as uneven skin tone, texture, and pores. It seamlessly integrates into my morning and nighttime routines. For an extra boost, I layer it over a more active serum like a high-grade Vitamin C serum.


No7 Derm Solutions™ 100-Hour Hydration Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin

Comforting Cream Cleanser by No7 | Monica Beatrice Blog

Moisturising is the highlight of my skincare routine—a blend of Ceramides, Niacinamide, and Adaptogens in this hydration cream, nourishes the skin’s moisture barrier and maintains the skin’s natural balance. That burst of hydration is dreamy!

Blemish Treatment

No7 Derm Solutions™ Clearing Treatment with Salicylic Acid

No7 Blemish Treatment | Monica Beatrice Blog

For those occasional blemishes and uneven skin texture, this clearing treatment comes to the rescue! Infused with 2% Salicylic Acid, it offers a gentle yet effective solution for blemish-prone or oily areas. It leaves my skin feeling calm and visibly clearer, especially during hormonal fluctuations.

Still unsure about your skin type? No7 also offers personalised skin consultations with brand experts to address your specific needs.

A Final Note

How to Get Glowing Skin with No7 Derm Solutions™ skincare range | Monica Beatrice Blog

I once read an interview with a renowned supermodel who shared her secret to always looking polished: taking care of everyday grooming, thus simplifying the process of looking her best. This advice has stuck with me over the years. A little extra care over time makes the day-to-day routine more manageable. Skincare plays a pivotal role in this. Radiant and hydrated skin boosts my confidence and reduces my reliance on makeup, streamlining my morning routine—something invaluable as a new mama!

Embarking on a new skincare journey can be overwhelming. That’s why the No7 Derm Solutions™ range is a game-changer. Let the products and their specialised formulations according to different skin types do the heavy lifting for you!

Ready to experience the magic of No7 Derm Solutions™? Explore the range today!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With love,

Monica x

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