Making Gifts More Meaningful – 3 Ways To Personalise Jewellery & Watches 

Over the past few years I’ve taken more time to *really* think about the gifts that I’m giving. 

I want them to be true joy-givers and to have meaning behind them. That way I know that they’ll become gifts that their receivers truly treasure.  

This year, as part of my partnership with accessories brand Olivia Burton (who as you know, I LOVE), I’m sharing how I’ve made my gifts more meaningful. 

If you’re on the lookout for last minute gift ideas, I hope that this post helps you to navigate your purchases with heart.

Making Gifts More Meaningful – 3 Ways To Personalise Jewellery & Accessories

Olivia Burton Christmas Gifts | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Engravables Disc Necklace in Rose Gold

1 – Engraving and Embossing 

Olivia Burton Christmas Gifts | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Chrono Detail Dot Design Black and Rose Gold Watch

Olivia Burton Christmas Gifts | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Olivia Burton offer so many options for engraving and embossing, so that you can truly personalise your gifts. 

You can emboss a watch strap, opt to engrave the back of a watch face (on some styles), or add your own spin to a necklace or bracelet.

When it came to choosing gifts for my sister this year, I wanted to personalise pieces which mark her biggest milestone yet – becoming a Mama!

I opted for the Engravables Disc Necklace in Rose Gold as one of her gifts. The necklace has her first initial, her fiancé’s first initial and her little baby boy’s first initial too.

It felt so special to place this order, and I hope that it’s a necklace she’ll wear for many years to come. It’s a beautiful reminder of her handsome fellas at home ❤️

Along the same lines I ordered this Engraveables Drop Bar Bracelet in Silver, with significant initials too.

Finally I made a b-line for this elegant Chrono Detail Dot Design Black and Rose Gold Watch, and had her initials embossed on the strap. A gift purely for her.

Olivia Burton Christmas Gifts | The Elgin Avenue Blog



If you’re thinking about purchasing personalised OB pieces for Christmas, here’s what you need to know about the process:

-You can have a piece embossed, or engraved, at the Olivia Burton boutique in Covent Garden until the store closes on Christmas Eve at 8pm. You can expect a wait of around 10 minutes if the store is quiet for each personalised piece, otherwise you should leave up to an hour for the process. Luckily there are LOTS of lovely cafes and shops you can spend some time in while you wait.

-You can take an Olivia Burton watch or jewellery piece into the Olivia Burton boutique in Covent Garden, to be personalised after purchase. Just double check that it’s an item which is able to be embossed or engraved. If you want to give your recipient a piece without the personalisation, they can choose their own unique spin as and when they like.

-You can personalise pieces online too, but these will now arrive after Christmas. You can order any non-personalised pieces until the 21st of December by next day delivery.

2 – Building On A Collection 

Olivia Burton Christmas Gifts | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Gold Hoop Earrings with White Topaz & Engravables Disc Necklace in Rose Gold

Buying personalised gifts doesn’t necessarily entail engraving or embossing, it could mean choosing a gift which you know builds on an established collection. 

Does your gift-receiver have a stack of bracelets which you can add to? A ring collection which needs a new addition? 

By adding into a collection you are scaling up the medley of pieces your gift-receiver already owns and treasures. 

I know that personally I love mixing my jewellery pieces, and have such fond memories of pieces I’ve collected over the years from far and wide. 

I’ve just added this beautiful Forget Me Knot Ring from Olivia Burton, as a little gift to my own ring collection. 

I also got my sister these beautiful Gold Hoop Earrings with White Topaz, which I know she’ll love.

3 – Going With A Theme 

Olivia Burton Christmas Gifts | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I have a dear friend who only wears rose gold, and so I know to make a b-line for rose-hued pieces for her. 

Similarly to building on a collection, you can make your gift choices more meaningful, simply by paying attention to your loved ones’ preferences. 

Take note of the metal colour they lean towards, and tailor your gift choices accordingly. 


Jewellery and accessories are one of my favourite gifts to give. I find myself purchasing them all the time for friends, not just at Christmas! Birthdays and other celebrations very much call for something small and beautiful too.

As a quick reminder I’ve popped your last order dates below for Olivia Burton online, and a link to the retailers you can visit in-person.

Last order date for online purchases: December 21st. 

Olivia Burton’s flagship store: 8pm, December 24th. You can have your pieces personalised in store. Address here

Olivia Burton stockists: full list available here

What’s Your Take? 

Do you have a sentimental relationship with jewellery too? Do you love gifting personalised pieces? 

And have any caught your eye in this post?!

I’d love to know!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash 

This post was created in partnership with Olivia Burton. Thank you for supporting The Elgin Avenue’s sponsors. 

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