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Louise Roe And Gemma Metheringham Karen Millen New York 2015 | The Elgin Avenue Blog
Louise Roe’s gorgeous face is probably one you recognise from magazines and TV shows the world over. Louise is a fashion journalist, author, blogger and TV presenter, covering red carpet events for Access Hollywood and E! (amongst others), personal style on her blog Front Roe and even helping girls to bag their dream guys in TV show Plain Jane. You’ve probably seen her debut book Front Roe in many an Instagram snap too – it had to be one of the presents to buy a fashion-loving girl this Christmas!

Trivia: Louise met her husband-to-be Mackenzie whilst shooting Plain Jane, he was the director of the show and they ended up falling in love too! So cute!

I first met Louise when she came in for a press appointment during my first fashion internship in 2007, I was so excited to meet her then as the presenter of Vogue TV, and it’s safe to say that I was pretty darn excited to re-meet Louise all these years later in the capacity of a journalist myself! Louise and I sat down during my visit to New York last November, at Karen Millen’s 5th Avenue flagship store. Louise had been partaking in a discussing with Karen Millen’s chief creative officer Gemma Metheringham, and it was clear that I wasn’t the only fan of Louise’s style in the store – every one was keen to soak up her style advice.

I stole a few minutes with Louise after the talk, to chat all things dating, style and career evolutions . . . Louise has so many great pearls of wisdom to share, I hope you enjoy reading our interview.


Louise Roe Interview | The Elgin Avenue Blog

You were News Editor at Vogue TV when online television was in its infancy . . . you made the move to the US before the transatlantic lifestyle was so popular . . . and now you’ve adopted blogging . . . it seems like you’re always one step ahead! Which medium are you most looking forward to working with next?

Thank you! I’ve never thought of it like that. I feel very lucky that I can balance different roles, they’re all part of the same career. I often get asked “What’s your favourite?” and I couldn’t pick. I love to write, I love to sit down quietly with a cuppa and write away, but then I love the adrenaline you get from doing things like a live red carpet report. And then this whole world of blogging, and taking social media to another level is so fascinating, I’ve met so many incredible female entrepreneurs that are very inspiring, so I don’t know what’s next . . .

I think more of the same! And hopefully another book.

I might bring out my own collection – that’s something that I’m thinking about doing. One day – when I’m ready!

“Taking something and making it your own is what British girls are really good at.”

You continue to support British brands, what do you feel are the main style differences between British and American ladies?

It depends where you go in America, because LA and New York are very different to the middle bits of the US. I think in general, there’s something in London that is really unique, people are eclectic – I think people break rules in England.

Taking something and making it your own is what British girls are really good at. And not just in fashion, but in hair and makeup as well.

How do you inject your Anglo-style into your LA wardrobe?

I love a tailored piece in there somewhere, in LA everyone’s very laid back. In LA they wear dungarees, cute t-shirts that are super thin cotton and lots of white sneakers (and I love that too!) – but I really love throwing a blazer over the top, having a little scarf wrapped around my neckline or even just wearing a red nail polish. Something that makes it a bit more ladylike.

Louise Roe Neutral Outfit | Interview | The Elgin Avenue Blog

“Blogging and social media have definitely created a new type of icon.”

You have a blog ‘Front Roe’. Do you feel like blogging has democratized the idea of celebrity? 

I think there’s a new breed of influencer. You are connected to people. For instance, someone like Aimee Song (from Song Of Style) has incredibly high interaction/engagement compared to that of a movie star, who doesn’t have the same relationship with their fans.

Although someone like Reese Witherspoon is actually very engaged with her fans, but she’s quite an anomaly, and I know this because I research her all the time for the red carpet. Blogging and social media have definitely created a new type of icon.

To me, I’m fascinated by that because these girls have come from a closet little bedroom in Alabama, and suddenly they’ve educated themselves, and grown an organic following without a huge team of hair and makeup and stylists, they’ve just done it themselves. I find it incredibly inspiring.

You mentioned Aimee Song, which other blogs do you personally love?

Sincerely Jules, Chriselle Lim – she’s amazing – all the Korean girls kill it, and the Aussies too – I love Nadia Fairfax, she’s a friend of mine, Kaity Modern, Oracle FoxKate Waterhouse – there’s so many of them! It’s cool because they’re all very supportive – they all came to my book launch, it was brilliant!

“No red lipstick! Boys don’t like kissing red lips!”

We’ve been talking about desk to dusk outfits (at the Karen Millen event), what is your favourite date outfit?

I love to feel comfortable, if you can’t have a cocktail and actually eat pudding together, which you know, is a sexy thing to do on a date, that’s not good – you can’t be like “oh my god, I can’t breathe!”. I feel really comfortable in black skinny jeans or leather trousers, quite sexy sandals, and then a simple shirt or blouse that’s on the looser side, a little bit unbuttoned, and then a leather jacket thrown over your shoulders.

I love that kind of look, it’s a staple and you can’t go wrong with it.

And no red lipstick! Boys don’t like kissing red lips!


What do you look for in a guy when he turns up to a date?

Good shoes. I can’t deal with bad shoes. I like a button down, a proper shirt instead of a t-shirt, even if it’s a really casual chambray one with the sleeves rolled it shows they’ve made a bit of an effort – and then you know, I just love sweaters; I love a cashmere sweater on a guy, there’s nothing more gorgeous than that.

“You’ve got to trust in the fact that life changes, you’ll get there”

I was really interested to learn about your part in the Step Up Women’s Network –  what do you feel is the most empowering thing that women can feel about themselves or can do for themselves?

If you are struggling, whether it’s bullying, or an eating disorder, or just having a family that you’re not getting along with, find the inner peace knowing that it will change.

When you are a teenager – and I certainly felt like this when I was at high school – I went through a really rough time and I thought “this is it, this is my life, this is all that anything ever amounts to” – it’s not!

It might be hard to gain that perspective at the time, you’ve just got to trust in the fact that life changes, you’ll get there. Keep your head up, maybe change your friends if you can, think about who you surround yourself with, because that’s often something you don’t realise; “oh actually, you’re the complete opposite and I’m totally different”, take a long, hard look at who you’re surrounding yourself with.

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A big thank you to the team at Karen Millen for setting Louise and I up, and to Louise for her time.
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