Are You Listening To Let’s Discuss?!

Hosts of Let's Discuss Podcast - Monica Beatrice Welburn-Leggett and Ella Gregory

It’s been a little while since I mentioned Let’s Discuss Podcast here!

Given that today we launched Season 9 of the show (I mean, how is it Season 9?!) I thought I’d pop up a little reminder.

Ella and I have now been podcasting for three years(ish), which in itself feels W I L D.

We still feel like newbies, yet when I look back through our catalogue, I realise that we’re a ‘fair’ few episodes in (67 and counting!), and that we’ve had some amazing guests on the show!

I’ve also realised  just how many emails we’ve sent about the podcast ????

Let's Discuss Podcast Artwork by Jennifer Darr

New artwork by Jennifer Darr ☝????

In case you’re new to the podcast, here’s the VERY quick spiel:

Let’s Discuss Podcast is a show all about navigating life, love, work and wellbeing, from the perspective of two millenial women. We want every episode to feel like a conversation between friends (which, spoiler: it is!), and like you could be sat down with us over coffee, or wine. Or both. We like both.

When we started the show Ella and I were in our late twenties, and SO much has changed since we pressed ‘publish’ on our first episode.

For one, Oli and I got engaged, and then married. Ella and I both navigated simultaneous moves into new homes. Ella employed the power of positive quitting to make a big career pivot. And, we’re both officially out of our 20s as of TODAY! It’s Ella’s Birthday guys – go send her some love!

If you’re new to Let’s Discuss Podcast, here’s a cheat sheet of a few episodes to get you started (which btw could actually be just the full 9 seasons since it was so hard to narrow down episodes, but still, here are some of my faves!):

5 Let’s Discuss Episodes To Dive In To

10: Defining Success & Our Personal Recipes For The Third Metric

26: Amanda Holstein, Founder Of Advice From A 20 Something, On Depression And Mental Health In Your 20s

39: Eco-Friendly Habits And Choices

43: Laura Jane Williams On Making Your ‘Yes’ Count, Letting Go Of Self-Imposed Guilt, And Pursuing Your Own Path

58: Career Crisis – What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like You’re On The Right Path

You can find us on any of your podcasting apps – just search for “Let’s Discuss Podcast”. Also find us on iTunes and Spotify, or over on

During current times especially, we hope that the show offers some respite and comfort.

What’s Your Take?

Do you listen to the show already? Do you have other podcasts which are your go-tos? I’d love to know!

Love, Monica x

Photos by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

Hosts of Let's Discuss Podcast - Monica Beatrice Welburn-Leggett and Ella Gregory

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