How to Style a Coffee Table

November 16, 2021

How to Style a Round Coffee Table | Monica Beatrice Blog 3
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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that a short while back I was on set with Furniture Village, filming a ‘styling series’ which helps to decode some of the most common home-styling challenges. Think: ‘How to Style an Entryway’, ‘How to Organise a Gallery Wall’, and (my personal favourite) ‘How to Style a Coffee Table’.

If you’d like to watch the styling videos, you can check out Furniture Village’s Instagram Reels where I’m sharing my top tips. There are a few more videos to come, and I truly hope that they help you to style up spaces within your home which will bring you joy.

For today, I wanted to shine a spotlight on one of my favourite videos: ‘How to Style a Coffee Table‘, and break down my tips for you here too, so that you can refer back to them whenever you need to.

I’m going to share tips for how to style a round coffee table, and how to style a rectangular coffee table, since those are two of my favourite styles! And two styles I personally have in my own home.

How to Style a Round Coffee Table | Monica Beatrice Blog 3

How to Style a Round Coffee Table

  1. Choose a tray in a complimentary shape to your coffee table. A round table calls for a round tray! I have a collection of trays which I use throughout my home, and love that I can easily move them around to give rooms and spaces a fresh feel.
  2. Use the tray as a focal point for styling. Now that you have your tray matched to your coffee table, you can use it as your styling focus. Use it as the base for a collection of objects. It looks tidy whilst adding interest.
  3. Use the rule of three to gather a few pretty objects, e.g. bowl + beads + small vase. I love to gather objects in colours which I know will compliment my overall home decor. I pick them up on my travels, second-hand or in my favourite stores, and rotate them regularly.
  4. Add a stack of coffee table books for a chic touch. Coffee table books are your secret weapon when it comes to styling up spaces in your home! They provide the perfect piece of interest for guests, as well as offering a chic base for other accessories.
  5. Top with coasters and your favourite mug for a cosy vignette. Naturally, you need your favourite mug of something delicious to accompany you!~
    How to Style a Round Coffee Table | Monica Beatrice Blog 3

How to Style a Rectangular Coffee Table
~ you can watch my video on this here

  1. Split your coffee table into three styling sections. This allows you to focus on each section at a time, and helps to create balance.
  2. Create a focal point in the middle third using a stack of coffee table books. One of the most versatile styling tools to own!
  3. Place a medium/large decorative object on either end: a bowl or vase are perfect. Keep an eye out for pieces in a harmonious colour palette, and look for unusual textures and finishes like earthenware, and brass.
  4. Add smaller decorative pieces into the mix for contrast. This adds personality and texture to the vignette.
  5. Finish with fresh or dried flowers for a natural flourish. I love to finish up my coffee table styling with flowers, the botanical element brings it to life!

5 Coffee Tables I Love from Furniture Village

Did you know that Furniture Village is the UK’s largest independent furniture retailer?! My beloved blush pink sofa bed is from the brand, and I cannot speak highly enough of the quality. It makes me happy every single day to lay eyes on it!

Being on set with Furniture Village I had a peek at some of the items currently available, there are some which truly made me SWOON. Yes, Amelie Sofa of dreams, I am looking at you.

Back to the focus in hand: coffee tables! Here are 5 of my faves from Furniture Village, available RN!

Coffee Table Edit Monica Beatrice Blog

Santiago Coffee Table ~ we used this coffee table in one of the styling videos, I adore it! White marble + brass are two of my favourite elements to weave throughout my home.

Coffee Table Edit Monica Beatrice Blog

Elmari Coffee Table ~ this is such a chic, pared-back option for a coffee table. You have ample opportunity to style up not only the top of the coffee table, but the built-in platforms too. If ever you needed an excuse for more coffee table books . . . !

Coffee Table Edit Monica Beatrice Blog

Torrance Coffee Table ~ furniture pieces with a glass top are an easy way create a feeling of more space in a smaller room. I have a glass coffee table in my living room, and love the versatility of a piece which has ‘presence’ without being imposing.

Coffee Table Edit Monica Beatrice Blog

Aria Coffee Table ~ I have a thing for white marble! For me, white marble is timeless, and works in almost all spaces. The ‘Aria’ style is chic, and would look gorgeous in a home of any era.

Coffee Table Edit Monica Beatrice Blog

Creed Coffee Table ~ a chic, sexy option for homes with darker accents. This coffee table gives me major LA vibes!

What’s Your Take?

My home has always meant a huge amount to me, it’s my sanctuary and a space where I both relax and fuel my inspiration. Ensuring that the vignettes which my eyes fall upon are beautifully styled, helps to keep my creative fuel tank topped up, and an organised home has always been akin to a relaxing home for me.

What’s your take on this? Will you be giving these coffee table styling tips a whirl? I’d love to hear how you get on!

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Love, Monica x

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