How To Set And Pursue Your Dreams

September 29, 2017

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On Monday this week Laura and I (wearing our Big Small Business co-founder hats) co-hosted an evening with kikki.K at the brand’s newly-opened Kingston store. We spoke alongside kikki.K’s founder Kristina Karlsson, and the evening was themed around dreams.

Specifically we spoke about realising your dreams and how to make your dreams come to fruition.

Dreaming is perhaps something we don’t consider enough. It seems intangible and theoretical, rather than something we can physically see the results of.

However, having used dreaming as a starting point for so many – if not every(?!) – thing in my life (the blog, podcast and conference being a few work examples) and having heard Kristina speak at length about how important she believes dreaming is, I am inclined to encourage you to take a second look at dreaming.

Here’s an introduction to setting your dreams, and working towards them.

Because doesn’t realising your dreams sound pretty darn great?!

“Dreaming allows you

to lift limitations.”


Why Dream?

Dreaming allows you to lift limitations.

It’s easier to think “that’s not possible” because that keeps you within the realms of things you’ve already achieved, or are comfortable aiming for.

And let’s be real, comfortable is comfortable. It feels nice.

By dreaming you can expand the realm of what’s possible, and it may push you into areas which feel more unknown and disorientating.

Remember when you were a kid and (hopefully!) your teachers or parents told you that you could be or do whatever you wanted to?

You can still do what you want to do, it’s a case of allowing yourself to believe it’s possible and then figuring out how to make it happen.

How To Decide On Your Dreams

kikki.K have the most gorgeous DREAM inspiration book which I adore. I’ve had mine since Big Small Business and continually pick it up to refer to.

In the back of the book there is a section where you can fill in 101 dreams.

That may sound like a lot, but your dreams can be any size. All the way from: “I want to find my perfect hair colour” to “I’d like to deliver a TED talk”. When you think in big and small terms, you quickly begin to rack up 101 drams!

You can do this exercise anytime, anywhere and with whatever you have to hand. You can even keep an ongoing note in your phone.

What do you truly dream of? Write ‘em down!

Your dreams are yours to decide upon! Take the time to really think what you dream to do/have/be.

“Sharing your dreams can make

you feel vulnerable,

but it’s amazing how many people

are willing to stand beside you

and support your dreams

if you give them the opportunity to.”

Get Your Dreams Out Into The World

Those dreams of yours need to get out into the world.

During Monday’s talk Kristina prompted our guests to share a dream out loud with the room. It was SO touching to hear people share their dreams, and at one point I think everyone was welling up!

Sharing your dreams can make you feel vulnerable, but it’s amazing how many people are willing to stand beside you and support your dreams if you give them the opportunity to.

Throughout the evening we also had a ‘Dream Board’ with space for people to pin post-it notes with their dreams to. Again, some of the dreams were so heartfelt, and others so fun!

Seeing Mariah Carey in concert? Love it!

Whether you share your dreams with others, or simply write them down for yourself, it’s important to get them out.

Until they’re out, they live within you. But once they’re in the universe (or however you like to frame it) you’re one step closer to making them happen.

How To Pursue Your Dreams

Once you’ve decided upon your dreams, it’s time to pursue them!

You’ve already taken the first step by sharing them
with the world!

Now it’s a case of figuring out what to do to realise them. Kristina spoke about creating seven steps to getting there. I think fundamentally it’s about figuring out a route which will take you to where you want to go.

For instance, if you dream about going for late night pancakes in New York (um – yes please!) then your steps may be:

  1. Cost up a trip to NYC.
  2. Start saving for your trip.
  3. Book your trip.
  4. Research the best late night pancake spots.
  5. Embark on your adventure.
  6. Travel to your diner of choice.
  7. Devour those delicious late night stacks!

That’s a relatively ‘achievable’ example, so here’s another more ambitious one . . .

Say you dream of opening a coffee shop, your seven steps may be:

  1. Begin a research dossier on information about coffee shops, coffee and running a small business.
  2. Reach out to someone you admire who has already opened a coffee shop, and ask for their advice.
  3. Develop a business plan.
  4. Build up your own savings or pitch for funding/a loan.
  5. Find premises for your coffee shop.
  6. Build a relationship with a coffee distributor.
  7. Hire your staff, decorate your shop and open your doors to the public!

Of course certain dreams will take more planning, more time and potentially more steps, but it really IS possible to realise your dreams.

Some dreams take years or even decades to come to fruition, but if you really want to make them happen, I believe you can!

3 Dreams I Currently Have

In the spirit of dream-chasing, here are 3 dreams I currently have on my mind. I don’t know when they’ll happen, or how they’ll come about, but they’re 3 dreams I’ve had for a while:

  • Take a trip to America to visit some of my US friends.
  • Partner with a brand on a design collaboration.
  • Write a book.

Eek – I guess that’s them out into the word . . . !

What’s Your Take?

What’s your feeling on dreams? Do you enjoy the process of dreaming or do you struggle to lift the limitations?

What’s one dream you have in mind up which you’re excited to pursue? I would LOVE to know!

Love, Monica x

Photos by Frances McMahon


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