How To Truly Recharge Your Batteries With A 24 Hour Break

May 12, 2017

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Oftentimes we feel like in order to have a truly restorative break we need to book a big holiday. Cue two full weeks of little else than snoozing, indulging and enjoying (hopefully!) some sunshine.

But what if that two week break isn’t available in the near future? You feel like you need to recharge, but you have significantly less time available to you? Like, 24 hours for instance?!

At the beginning of this week I decided to take a 24 hour  break. It was all the time I had available to me, and I cannot tell you how much it felt like I’d been away for a week!

I’ve teamed up with The White Company to share my 24 hour restorative break routine, in celebration of their Escape to the Summer campaign.

It is possible to feel recharged and rejuvenated simply by getting away for one day, and here’s how . . .

How To Truly Recharge Your Batteries With A 24 Hour Break

It’s Possible!

Classic White Robe Worn In Bright White And Grey Kitchen | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Get Some Proper Sleep

When we feel like we need a break (sometimes intensely so) it’s often because we’re at the end of our energy levels.

Perhaps you’ve been going through a particularly busy season at work, or you’ve had more personal commitments on than usual. If you’re tired, there’s one surefire way to help yourself – and that’s to sleep!

During your 24 hour break, make the first commitment you have, getting a sound night’s sleep.

Don’t set your alarm and purposefully enjoy a good long rest night’s rest.

By the time you wake, you’ll not only have recharged your energy levels, you’ll have set the tone for a leisurely and restorative day ahead.

For me, when I’m focusing on sleep, I love to wear crisp cotton pyjamas like this beautiful cami and shorts set from The White Company. New or freshly washed pyjamas always make me feel super cosy and help to aide a good night’s rest.

Once awake, slipping straight into a cosy dressing gown is everything. I like to move between bed and robe pretty instantly in search of coffee – it feels like you’re still tucked up in bed! Heaven ????????!

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Get Outdoors

There is something incomparably energising about getting outdoors. Whether you take your 24 hour break at home, or head away for an evening – like I did to the beach – getting out into the open air is an amazing instant way of boosting your energy.

Being outdoors pulls you away from screen time, disconnects you from your daily routine and helps to give you perspective. It’s very hard to feel stressed in the moment when you’re looking out to sea, or stood atop a hillside (spoiler: more coming up on this subject on The Elgin Avenue next week!). Even going for a walk in your local area can simply change your energy.

If you can, given that you have a whole 24 hours to recharge, I suggest taking a long walk.

I’m a huge advocate of even a five minute stroll, but a longer spell outdoors helps you to truly unwind.

If you struggle to motivate yourself to go for an hour’s walk, try using ‘positive pairing‘ to help. It’s much easier to motivate yourself to do something if you pair it with something else you enjoy.

For instance, I love to pair taking a long walk with going to get brunch or a delicious coffee. For me, an hour’s walk is much more appealing when I know there is something truly lovely awaiting me at the other end.

You can also try pairing your long walk with catching up on a podcast you love, or even catching up with a friend as you walk too. 

Black Silk Maxi Dress And Slouchy Grey Cardigan Outfit Worn At Beach | The Elgin Avenue BlogBlack Silk Maxi Dress Outfit Worn At Beach | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Know Your Happy Place

For me, being by the sea is hugely restful and never fails to make me feel like I’ve reset my batteries. As these images show, Oli and I were treated to the most stunning weather when we visited the coast this week. I felt completely freed when I kicked off my sandals (these suede beauties since you asked ????!) and pressed the soles of my feet into the sand. Where the tide had gone out, the sand was literally glittering.

Dressed in this beautiful silk drawstring dress, ribbed cardigan and barefoot, I truly felt like I was re-energising completely. It only took an hour or so outdoors to do so.

It’s helpful to know where your ‘happy place’ is. For me, in the UK, it’s along the Witterings coastline. Think – where do you feel truly relaxed and happy?

Once you know, you can plan your 24 hours getaway there. Book an Air BnB, stay with friends or hole up in a cute local hotel – as I said before, your holiday need not be two weeks – you can get SO much out of simply one day.

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Fuel Up On Good Food & Drink

It can be tempting when you’re in ‘holiday mode’ to indulge in ALL the treats you love. And hey, why not make one of your meals on your 24 hour holiday a completely indulgent one?

NB: A huge brunch is my go-to treat, complete with a cocktail if the mood should take me . . . !

Given that the purpose of your mini break is to recharge, it’s energising, for most(!) of your break to focus on eating healthily.

As this article shares, focusing on a healthy dinner in particular, with no alcohol, can hugely boost your energy levels for the following day.

If you do stay in a friend’s home, or an Air BnB, you can do a small food shop and prepare a meal from fresh. This beautiful mango wood platter and servers provided the perfect base for mine and Oli’s ‘picky’ lunch at the beach. I love serving food in a Mediterranean ‘sharing’ style.

Al Fresco Dining | The Elgin Avenue BlogAl Fresco Dining | The Elgin Avenue Blog

What’s Your take?

Classic White Robe Worn In Bright White And Grey Kitchen | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Overall I truly found a one day escape to be incredibly energising – more so than I thought possible!

By focusing on these key areas – sleep, getting outdoors and fuelling my body – Oli and I had one of the best little mini breaks we’ve ever enjoyed!

If you are feeling at all overwhelmed, or in need of a getaway, allocate simply one day in your calendar to you.

You can only be the best version of you at work or at home when you are feeling energised, and so it’s incredibly important to put your needs first. Get a date in your diary, and take a 24 hour holiday!

You can even complete all of these steps at home – just make sure that you mark it a ‘holiday day’.

I’d love to know your take? Have you ever tried a 24 hour escape? Where’s your happy place? 

Love, Monica x

Thank you to The White Company for sponsoring this post.

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