How to Realistically Incorporate Wellness Into a Busy Schedule

October 2, 2017

Realistic Wellness | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Wellness & How To Prioritise It

(Even During The Busiest Of Times)

As I’m putting this blog post together, it’s timely that I’m having my own internal dialogue about my current wellness commitments.

If you were to peek inside my brain you’d see a toss-up of commitments which looks like:

“Should I . . .

1 – Stay at my desk (for the next few hours) and up-end a full inbox?

2 – Migrate to the sofa and become one with the cushions/Netflix? (This sounds most appealing btw ????????)

3 – Remember my Health, Home, Hustle priorities and make it to the barre class I have booked? (The sanest and most beneficial option I’m sure . . . !)”

As the above dialogue shows, I’m conscious of (and fall prey to) the temptations we all face during busy working weeks. It’s easy to de-prioritise our own wellbeing in favour of working longer and harder, even when we know that doing so leads to more negative effects overall.

It’s with great delight then that I’m welcoming Chelsea today! As ever Chelsea’s delivering sound advice on exactly how you can realistically incorporate wellness into a busy schedule. I’m choosing to take this lady’s advice . . . barre class it is!

If, like me, you often find yourself battling this internal dialogue – trying to figure out where your time is ‘best allocated’ – this post is absolutely for you. After all, your own wellbeing truly deserves regular time in your (albeit busy) schedule.

Over to Chelsea!

Love, Monica x

“Wellness can seem

like something

only goddesses like

Gwyneth Paltrow

have time for, right?


If there’s one thing I’ve found a passion behind as an adult, it’s wellness, so I’m thrilled to be writing this article!

Wellness came on as a big trend this decade, and though it might be overused, very general, and at times even pretentious, the intentions behind the movement are amazing.

Before I even knew what “wellness” was, I wasn’t living that well. I was a college student drinking far too much, eating whatever fast food restaurant was closest, rarely working out, and spending any down time watching TV. I was in no shape or form taking care of myself.

And to me, wellness = taking care of yourself.

Now, there’s rarely a day when I’m not incorporating wellness, and it’s one of my biggest priorities in life. And I’m beyond grateful it came into my life! After all, we only have one body, heart, and mind – we should be treating it well!

But when demanding jobs, never-ending chores, adult responsibilities and trying to have a social life comes into play, wellness can seem like something only goddesses like Gwyneth Paltrow have time for, right? Wrong!

I’m here to tell you – as a working girl, master of dishes, mama to a dog, and fan of doing next to nothing on the weekends – there’s always a way to incorporate wellness into your life.

Even to the busiest of schedules!

Don’t believe me? Read on to see how I do it!

I’ve broken it down into time of day to make things even more imaginable . . .

Morning, Noon & Night

How To Realistically Incorporate Wellness


  • Drink hot lemon water – Right when you wake up, make a cup, then drink it slowly as you get ready. On an empty stomach, this helps to: energize your body, get things moving (aka digestion), boost your skin’s radiance, create a healthy immune system – among other things.
  • Stretch – Have you ever noticed that a dog or cat ALWAYS stretches right when they wake up? They’re onto something! Stretching is a great way to wake up your body and to feel less tight throughout your day. And it can be done in bed in under 5 minutes! Can’t beat that, my friends.
  • Dry brush – Before hopping into the shower, spend a few minutes dry brushing your entire body. It’ll not only leave you feeling all tingly and like you just had a massage, but your skin will be exfoliated and it helps to rid toxins internally.


  • Meditate – Extra crazy day at work? Spend 10 minutes of your lunch hour with the Rituals or Headspace app (two of my favorites). Or, simply focus on breathing slowly for a few minutes to quiet the mind. This can be done literally anywhere!
  • Sip on green tea – Finish your lunch with a cup of green tea. It’s naturally detoxifying, helps with digestion (so it’s best after a meal), is full of antioxidants, and the small dose of caffeine will help get you through your afternoon. Snack on almonds right before for the ultimate dose of energy!
  • Walk – Even if you don’t think you have time for a walk, make time. Take your next conference call from the streets, or take your sandwich on the go. Sitting all day is horrible on your body (and waistline), not to mention completely dull for your brain. Refresh with a brisk walk for as long as you can manage.


  • Journal – Give your mind a break from the day’s worries by journaling everything out. Be sure to touch on three things you’re grateful for to end the day with an open heart.
  • Turn tech off – Grab that book you’re dying to read or cuddle up with a loved one (animals count!). I promise, Instagram will still be there when you wake up, and you’ll sleep much better with limited tech consumption.
  • Soak – My personal favorite wellness practice in the evening = bath time! To make things totally spa like, light a candle, listen to “Spa Music” on Spotify, and apply a face mask. Even if you only soak for 15 minutes, it’ll be the best 15 minutes ever!

What’s Your Take?

So there you have it – quick, simple, easy ways to incorporate wellness to even the busiest of days. From green tea instead of a soda, to a few minutes of treating your body to exercise, wellness awaits!

What’s your favorite wellness practice? Do you worry you don’t have time for it? Anything on this list you’re excited to try? Let me know!

Love, Chelsea x







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