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September 13, 2017

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Have you noticed that things like house moves, job hunting and new hobbies seem to be cyclical? September, as we’ve mentioned of late, has that feeling of a fresh start, or rather – the ‘new new year‘. 

With new beginnings, comes the opportunity to meet new people – whether it’s in a professional or social capacity.

Just recently I’ve joined a couple of new gym classes, a book club and I’ve been talking to a number of friends who are looking at new job roles. As the saying goes “there’s no second chance to make a first impression” and so it’s important to work on your own ‘first impression routine’ to guarantee a positive first meeting.  

I’m excited to welcome Chelsea’s take on this topic. I hope that her tips can help you to ace that next first impression!

Over to Chelsea!

Love, Monica x

5 Tips To Help You

To Ace Your

Next First Impression

If you think about it, first impressions are basically the beginning or demise of a relationship. They’re an indicator of whether you want someone in your life or would like to see them again, or if you want to keep your distance and hope that first encounter was the last.

Since I’m guessing that most of us hope to be liked and have people think of us in good regard, first impressions are an important life ability. Just like becoming a better runner or cook, it takes practice and dedicated steps.     

And though studies say you have under 10 seconds before someone makes their first impression of you (mainly physically), you have a bit longer to make the whole experience a great one.

Of course being on time, dressing well, and smiling are clear steps towards a good impression, but there are a handful of other things to keep in mind too.

These 5 tips will not only help with first impressions, but they’ll lead to better interactions in general. You’ve got this!

1. Prepare (if needed)

Depending on the situation, a little prep work might come in handy.

If you have an intro looming – say you’re meeting someone’s parents or interviewing – study the person or company. Nothing too creepy, of course, but a Google search or asking friends about the person will be enough.

Make it clear that you’ve done your homework and are eager to meet this person. They’ll be impressed with your commitment to the situation.

If the introduction is spontaneous, simply follow the rest of the tips below and be present in the moment.

“Making people feel comfortable

and connected to you

is a sure way to make

a lasting positive impression.”

2. Body language

From a strong handshake to how you’re standing, you want to come off as confident but welcoming.

Square up your shoulders so that you are facing the person, especially if you’re sitting or standing across from one another to show your engagement.

Stand if they’re standing, sit if they’re sitting. Smile when it’s natural to (as in don’t plaster one on your face in a fake or weird way). Also, keep your arms uncrossed and make efficient eye contact.

3. Make a connection

After the initial intro is over, think of something that can connect you and the person or people. Making people feel comfortable and connected to you is a sure way to make a lasting positive impression.

Maybe they’re wearing a shirt that you love and own a similar one – mention that. Or perhaps the person is from a city where you’ve traveled; let them know a tidbit about that trip. Big or small, find a common ground that can incorporate ease and community to the interaction.

4. Be positive

Personally, a huge turn off for me is negativity, especially if it’s the first vibe I get from someone.

We all have our off days, but if you’re trying to make a healthy first impression, don’t let someone see you at your worst. Do your best to chipper up when meeting someone – or at the least avoid anything too dark. A quick comment about how nice the weather is, how yummy the food is, how lovely their hair looks – anything!

5. Use their name

I’m not sure if it’s proven, but there is something extremely genuine about a person who uses your name. Don’t you agree?

Not only is it a tactical way to remember someone’s name, but giving a “Hope to see you again soon, Chelsea” before leaving the conversation makes for an amazing impression. You’re showing that you care about that person enough to remember their name, that you were listening, and it provides a sense of comfort.

What’s Your Take?

Ahh, feel better about your next first impression already? I hope so! Be kind, be yourself, and be genuine – the same ingredients that serve you in life in general – and you’ll be on your way to endless good impressions in the future!

What tips do you have for first impressions? I’d love to hear from you!

Love, Chelsea x

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