How To Improve Your Instagram Feed Using These Niche Instagram Editing Apps

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A little while ago (after a bit of an Instagram funk) I decided to broaden my Instagram editing apps horizon. I wanted new filters, better editing-on-the go, and additional effects. Through research, trial and error, and advice from trusted friends, I narrowed things down to a handful of new-to-me niche Instagram editing apps. These Instagram editing apps can REALLY up your game and improve your Instagram feed . . .

Trust me: I’ve tried them ALL!

As always, once I’ve come across something which has helped me, I want to share it with you! So, here’s my lowdown of niche Instagram editing apps to improve your Instagram feed.

Whether you ‘gram for fun or your full-time work, I hope that you’ll enjoy exploring!

How To Improve Your Instagram Feed

Using These Niche Instagram Editing Apps


1 – The Tezza App

– For Intuitive Filters & Instagram Story Templates

Tezza App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog
Tezza App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I’ve been following blogger Tessa (Tezza) Barton for years and have long-admired her rock-‘n-roll-meets-high-fashion aesthetic.

In 2018 Tessa and her husband Cole launched a namesake app – Tezza App – which (amongst other things) boasts a range of photo filters and instagram story templates.

I’ve tried plenty of photo filter apps before (my favourite prior to using Tessa’s being VSCO), but recently I’ve found myself reaching for the Tezza App time and time again.

Not only are the filters intuitive, they deliver gorgeous results every time! They are just the type of filters I’m looking for.

My favourite Tezza App filters RN are: Fresh, Vintage 2, Vintage 3 and Crisp.

OH and the Instagram Story templates! The Tezza App also has fantastic Instagram Story templates. They’re fun, adaptable and totally different to the templates I’ve used in other apps.

If you’re in need of a photo-filter refresh, and a Story re-jig, I highly recommed downloading the Tezza App! You can also use the filters for videos.

The app costs less than £5 a month, and is easily one of my most-used work tools.

Download the Tezza App here.

2 – HishHash App

– For Categorising Your Hashtags & Mixing Them Up!

HishHash App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

HishHash App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

How do you find the right hashtags for your niche? How many hashtags is too many hashtags? What IS a hashtag?!

Understanding how to best use hashtags on Instagram can be confusing! Fortunately the HishHash app can help!

I stumbled across the HishHash app when the company re-grammed one of my photos (side note: they have a gorgeous Instagram feed @HishHash_App!), and my interest was piqued.

The HishHash app allows you to categorise your commonly-used hashtag groups – ‘Autumn’, ‘Home Decor’, ‘Blogging’ etc – and suggests additional relevant hashtags if you’re in need of inspiration.

The app also re-shuffles your hashtags every time you use them, so that you’re constantly using a fresh order. The theory being that this reshuffling can go some way in protecting you against any pesky shadow-banning on Instagram.

I’ve been using the HishHash app for a few months now and love it! It’s a super easy streamlined way of organising your hashtags.

Download the HishHash app here.

3 – Lens Distortions® App

– For Adding Lens Flare & Soft Glowing Light To Your Photos

Lens Distortions App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Lens Distortions App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Lens Distortions App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

My great friend Wendy from ThankFifi blog introduced me to the Lens Distortions® app when Ella and I visited her in Glasgow earlier this year.

The Lens Distortions® app allows you to add in light rays and lens flares, and to play with the glow of your images.

I love adding in soft glowy light to my images to bring a softness to photos. It’s also fun to add in a flare if I want the light to look particularly striking.

I’ve also discovered that you can layer lens flares to give a glow to things like fairy lights. Just ‘pinch’ the lens flare until it becomes really small, and layer it over individual bulbs. I’ll be using this a lot over the festive season!

Currently I’m using the free version of the Lens Distortions® app, though you can upgrade it to a premium subscription to gain access to the full library of effects.

Download the Lens Distortions® app here.

4 – SKRWT App

– For Adjusting The Angles On Your Photos And Cropping Them ‘Just So’

SKRWT App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

SKRWT App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

SKRWT App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

There are lots of apps which allow you to adjust the angles on your photos, but SKRWT is by far the best I’ve used. Marlene Lee from @CookiesNCandies introduced me to this app, which is a high endorsement if ever there was one. Peruse Marlene’s stunning Instagram account and you’ll get what I mean.

The SKRWT app allows you to tilt the vectors on a photo, i.e. you can straighten it up, tilt it forwards, backwards . . . sideways. A decidedly wonky photograph can be quickly righted.

Moreover the SKRWT app does everything in a super gentle way. If you are tilting an image the app will do so gradually and has a handy grid which you can line your image up against.

You can also re-size your images using the SKRWT app, so if you want to see what your photo will look like cropped down for Instagram, you can easily do so. By paying attention to the angles in your photos and making sure that they’re the correct crop, you’ll improve your instagram feed in no time!

I use this app ALL the time!

SKRWT App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Download the SKRWT app here.


5 – Mosaico

– For Planning Your Instagram Feed and Pre-Writing Your Captions

Mosaico App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog
Mosaico in ‘ghost mode’

If you want to improve your Instagram feed, enlisting the help of a planning app will be a game. changer.

Mosaico is one of my favourite and most-used apps when it comes to Instagram.

Mosaico connects to your Instagram account, and pulls in all of the images from your current feed. The app then displays the feed as if you were in Instagram (i.e. in the ‘quilt’ format). The genius part here is that you can then upload images into the Mosaico app, and plan out how you want your Instagram feed to look moving forwards.

You can upload enough images for a week . . . a month . . . longer! AND you can pre-write your captions, thus safeguarding against writer’s block when you’re trying to post-on-the-go (been THERE!).

Moreover you can pick up and drop images in the Mosaico app, allowing you to shuffle things around until you have an aesthetic lined up that looks juuuuuuust right.

Plus! If you want to see what your Instagram feed would look like minus an image or two, you can use the ‘ghost’ mode to temporarily remove images from your Mosaico quilt, without affecting your real feed.

Mosaico App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Mosaico App Review | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Download the Mosaico app here.

What’s Your Take?

Are you keen to improve your Instagram feed? And if so, do you have any must-have apps you love?

Leave any of your faves in the comments below for everyone to see!

Happy ‘gramming!

Love, Monica x

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