Stuck In A Rut? Here’s How To Get Your Groove Back

June 7, 2018

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Earlier this year I was well and truly in a rut. For a good few months!

I felt  detached from my ambitions and couldn’t see a clear course for what I wanted to do, or pursue.

During that period alllll I wanted to do was find my groove again and get ‘un-stuck’. It felt like such a weight on my shoulders. 

Perhaps you’re in a job you don’t love. Or your ambitions have plateaued. Or your inspiration is non-existent?

I get it!

In a bid to help you to hoik yourself out of that rut, when you too feel derailed from your path, I’m sharing a few tips for getting yourself back on track. All learnt from experience.

It’s amazing HOW good it feels to be inspired, have a sense of your direction, and generally feel fired up again; especially after a bit of a ‘blah’ season. 

Here’s to getting you back to feeling like ‘you’ again!

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5 Steps To Take If You’re Feeling Stuck

1 – Look At The Bigger Picture

I know I’ve only mentioned it 149731 times before, but my Health. Home. Hustle. principle is the framework I use for everything. 

Simply put, I split my life into three categories, in order of priority: #1 Health. #2 Home. #3 Hustle. 

This framework allows me to plan my days, know where to allocate my time, energy and money, and acts as a gauge for how fulfilled I’m feeling.

Whenever I’m feeling stuck, it’s almost always because my priorities have gone askew.

I’m run-down.

My home is a mess.

Etc etc.

“it’s all about getting yourself into alignment so that you can move forward with your life in the most energised, clear-thinking and intentional way.”

Even if the thing stressing me out, or the area I’m ‘stuck’ in, is my work, I know that my Health and Home areas need to be fuelled up in order for me to have the most clarity for my work.

Next time you’re stuck, get your priorities in order and really pour into your Health and Home.

Eat well, sleep, exercise, see your friends and family, spring clean your home.

Oh and on that note – get your self care menu up to scratch! Knowing 20 or so things which make you feel amazing, and practicing them often, refuels your wellbeing tank. I have episode 154 of the Goal Digger podcast to thank for that tip!

These may all sound like basic things, but they’re all about getting yourself into alignment so that you can move forward with your life in the most energised, clear-thinking and intentional way. 

When your health is in check, and your home is in order, the hustle will flow.

Red Striped Jumper Outfit + Woven Basket Bag | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Red Striped Jumper Outfit + Woven Basket Bag | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

2 – Revisit Your Values

If there is one thing I wish I’d know earlier on in my twenties, it’s how important pursuing your values (over other metrics) is.

I so clearly remember sitting down in Menorca (during another rut! Ha!) and re-visiting my core values in a notebook.

Once I had those written down, I felt so much freedom.

I realised that I can live out my core values every single day, and they’re not attributed to how well I’m doing at work, or how many followers I have on a social media platform, or any other metric which is ego-related.

Things like being close to my family, taking a walk – even watching Gossip Girl to start my day! – are pursuits which I choose to do, and they’re not dependent on anything other than what I choose to spend my day doing.

Sometimes when you’re in a rut, for whatever reason, it can feel like your choices are limited. Or you’re stuck spinning in a circle.

Break that thought pattern! You ALWAYS have a choice, especially about how you live out your core values.

Get those down on a piece of paper, and start implementing ways to live them out. This has been a game changer for me.

3 – Take An Educational Course

I’m a big believer in investing in yourself, especially when it comes to education.

Last year I made the decision to attend Illume Retreat in Waco, Texas. It was such a huge choice for me to make, but I listened to my gut instinct which was telling me to go.

And I’m SO glad I did. 

Illume Retreat is an intensive three day course, which is designed to help you connect to your ‘purpose’ as a business owner. The retreat promises to equip you with tangible strategies to help you to progress with your business and dreams. 

I have SO much to say about the retreat, all VERY good, but essentially those three days gave me that extra nudge I needed to find my path again. 

Whilst I may have found clarity by myself eventually, having the guidance of the four incredible mentors on the retreat – Bonnie, Jenna, Ashlyn and Katie – gave me the confidence to find my sense of purpose again. It was also so uplifting to learn alongside the other attendees, who were all inspiring businesswomen themselves.

It was also so so special to spend the week prior to the retreat in Austin Texas, much of which I was joined by my great friend Amanda for. 

A change of scene, sunshine, a new place and a big challenge (more on that later!) REALLY helped me to press ‘reset’. 

The time and financial investment was pretty big, but I don’t think I would have found my way back to ‘my path’ so quickly had I not made the choice to go. 

For me, my investment was a business retreat. For you it may be an e-course, a mentor, or coaching of some kind. 

I should point out too, that ‘education’ isn’t necessarily business-related. There may be another area of your life you want to dig into.

Look back at your Health Home Hustle map, and see if there’s an area you’d like extra help in.

Sometimes you need someone else to help you to get back on track. 

“Things to look forward to help you to feel more positive in the present.”

4 – Put Dates In Your Diary To Look Forward To 

The other day I was looking at my diary, and I realised that I have SO many things coming up which I am looking forward to. That in itself is incredibly energy-giving. 

Feeling ‘stuck’ by its very nature means that you feel like you’re not going anywhere.

Rather than shying away from things, try pushing yourself to put exciting dates in your diary. 

Do things. See people. 

Whatever makes you look at your diary and get excited for it.  

It may not be the answer to everything, but it’ll change the way you’re looking at your immediate future.

Things to look forward to help you to feel more positive in the present. 

Red Striped Jumper Outfit + Woven Basket Bag | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

5 – Challenge Yourself 

You know the saying: “Insanity means doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”? 

When you’re in a lull, routine can feel safe. But doing the same things over and over again could be feeding your ‘blah-ness’. It may even be the route cause of your rut.

If you’re simply doing the same things again and again, nothing much is going to change/at all. 

As a result, I’ve found that challenging myself to do something new, has a huge impact on my energy levels and inspiration. 

Taking my big trip to the States was a big challenge for me. And on a smaller level attending open studio time with my Mama, and painting for the first time in years, was also a challenge. 

On both occasions I was so proud of myself for giving them a go, and I loved doing them so much. They gave me a renewed sense of confidence and a big dose of inspiration.

Trying new things is energy-giving.

Give it a go yourself. Try something new, or take on a challenge, and see how much it can lift you! 


Your version of feeling ‘stuck’ will be unique, but I hope that some of my tips can help you to nudge your way into flow again. 

If you’re feeling demotivated, or ‘detached’, please know that it’s completely normal to go through phases like that, and it doesn’t mean that you’ll always feel that way at all. 

Here’s to getting back into your groove again! 

What’s Your Take? 

I’d love to hear if you can relate to that feeling of being ‘stuck’ or ‘disconnected’? If so, will you be giving any of these tips a try? Or do you have advise to dish out yourself? I’d love to hear from you!

Love, Monica x

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