How To Fake A Glow In The Hibernation Months

Skincare Products To Get Your Skin Glowing | The Elgin Avenue Blog

‘Glow’ is my favourite word when it comes to personal appearance. For me, when you’re ‘glowing’ it means you are your most radiant self. It evokes a sense of health and happiness.

Glowing = babe town, and who doesn’t want to feel that way?

Herein lies the problem if, like me, you live in the Northern hemisphere and there’s been a SOLID few months of cloud cover. There’s nothing quite like 24/7 grey to make you feel – and look – dull.

Fear not! Whilst we wait for the seasons to turn, it is possible to get ahead of the weather and fake your glow.

Your skin may not be getting the dusting of Vitamin D you’d like it to, but there is a whole range of skincare and body products which can help you to at least look more glow-y.

In a bid to help you out in this department (because, we’re in it together!) here are some of my favourite skincare and body products to help you to get your glow on now . . .

Skincare Products To Get Your Skin Glowing | The Elgin Avenue Blog

ELEMIS Superfood Skincare Range | The Elgin Avenue Blog

REN Skincare Range Glycol Lactic Mask and AHA Tonic | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – this is a cult favourite cleanser which I didn’t get round to trying for years. When I finally did – I understood all the fuss.

Since using Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the clarity of my skin. Annoyingly I suffer with hormonal breakouts, but they’re less severe since using this product and my skin overall feels calmer and clearer.

Adding this into your skincare routine is the first step to getting your glow on. Plus, if you sign up to the Liz Earle newsletter you’ll get first access to discounts. I tend to stock up when a special offer comes through.

ELEMIS Superfood Range – you know I’m a huge fan of ELEMIS. I’ve been using the brand for years and absolutely ADORE it. It’s kind to sensitive skin (like mine), and feels naturally good for you.

The Superfood Range is the latest release from the brand. The range “formulated with plant-based, nutrient-dense Superfoods and some with a natural sugar derived Pre-Biotic, helps to replenish skin with vital hydrating nourishment for a healthy, outdoor-fresh glow.”

On the days my skin’s been particularly dry, the moisturisers (both overnight and daytime) have been a nourishing treat. The Facial Oil too is so satisfying to apply, a few drops pressed into the skin adds an immediate luminosity.

REN Skincare Glygol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask and REN Skincare Ready Steady Glow AHA Tonic – these products are two of the best glow boosters I’ve tried.

First – the mask. I was introduced to the REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal mask a couple of years ago, and whenever I’m in need of a glow boost I make a point of allocating time to it. I LOVE it.

The mask is designed to renew your complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone. It works. It smells amazing. And I’d recommend it to anyone. I like to use this once to twice a week.

The Ready Steady Glow AHA Tonic is the best acid toner I’ve tried. You really only need a very small amount. It’s effective without being aggressive. The toner gently exfoliates your skin allowing for a brighter complexion and you can use it daily.

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Dry Face Mist – at this point I’ve been using this facial bronzer for over a decade. I haven’t found a better alternative! This is my #1 go-to for faking a glow. Especially in the hibernation months.

A spritz before bed, especially after using a good face mask, and you’ll wake up with a beautiful streak-free tan. If you’re looking to up your glow-quota overnight – buy this!

BY SARAH LONDON Organic Lip Balm – BY SARAH LONDON is a new organic and natural skincare brand, founded sisters Sarah and Lauren. The brand’s founding story is incredible: Sarah started to hand-blend products from organic and sustainably-sourced plant-based ingredients to help to soothe her sister Lauren’s skin as she went through treatment for Leukaemia. Now the sisters work alongside one another on this gorgeous brand, which has won numerous awards and accolades.

In particular this lip balm has been a permanent fixture in my handbag over the past few months. It’s got a lovely coconut scent, and is super moisturising. I add a dab of it on top of a little colour too to add a natural gloss.


Skincare Products To Get Your Skin Glowing | The Elgin Avenue Blog

My poor poor body, it’s had VERY little TLC from me over the winter months.

Whilst you see your face 365 days a year, I find it easy enough to ignore the rest of me. Hence generally pale, dry skin. It’s a very attractive look. 

A little while back, upon inspecting my ignored legs, I decided it was time to give them a dose of care.

A body scrub later, some body oil and even a layer of fake tan and I was feeling a WHOLE lot more spring like.

Here are the products I’ve been using:

REN Skincare Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Toning Body Oil – I’ve spoken about REN’s Anti-fatigue range before and my love for it is unwavering. I absolutely LOVE this body oil. It’s like a little jolt of energy in a bottle, it smells incredible and sinks into even the most neglected of skin.

Nathalie Bond Organics Rose + Patchouli Body Oil – my friend Fera bought this body oil for me in January and it is heavenly. It smells beautiful and transports you to a sunnier clime.

Some days I’ll layer both body oils. Pure indulgence. 

In the hibernation months I prefer an oil to a moisturiser because it warms up in your hands as you apply it. It’s a small treat which feels ridiculously luxurious. Plus an oil adds a beautiful glow to your skin. And, by now, you know a glow is what we’re aiming for ????!

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, Dark – this is one of my all-time favourite self-tanners. It goes on beautifully, doesn’t streak or smell, and fades naturally over 7-10 days.

When applied with a mitt it’s hard to go wrong with it and the colour is gorgeous. Bonus – it’s also a great price! I’ve found that it far exceeds the effectiveness of other self tanners on the market, many of which are much more expensive.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream – if you suffer with very dry hands in the winter, like me, then I can’t recommend this hand cream enough. It is the only one I’ve found which REALLY works. When my hands get dry it’s not just a little uncomfortable, they’ll actually physically crack around my finger tips and they’ll sting after I wash them (told you this was a sexy time of year!). The Norwegian Formula really soaks in and helps to mend my hands within a couple of days.


It goes without saying that looking after your diet and exercise makes a HUGE difference in your overall glow.

Over the past few weeks I’ve got back into the gym. And have been focusing on more fresh food in my diet. Both of these have had an immediate positive effect on how energised I feel, and on how ‘glowy’ my skin is.

I still need the help of the above products, but it’s good to feel like I’m working on that glow from within too.



How have you been combatting the hibernation months? Have you been taking extra care of your beauty routine? If so, which products have been getting a star rating from you?

Happy glow-getting!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash 






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