How To Create A Small Office Nook At Home

Small Home Office Space Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Since moving into our new flat there are two rooms which have become no-go zones: our en suite bathroom and our second bedroom. The latter of which will one day be my home office ???????? 

Both of these rooms are still FULL of boxes, and until we can get round to sorting them out, we simply close the door and ignore them. Ha! Tell me we’re not alone in doing this?! 

In the mean time I’ve set up a small office space in our living room, which works a treat for the days when I want to be sat at a desk working from my desktop computer. 

I don’t mind primarily working from the kitchen table (it’s closer to the kettle/snacks anyway – ha!) and I’ve actually come to like working from my laptop, but it IS nice having my desktop available for days when I need to work from a big screen. 

We’re lucky enough to have a second bedroom which will become my office, but I know that so many homes don’t have such a space. And so, if like me right now, you need a home office, but don’t have much space for it, here are a few tips for setting yourself up. 

How To Create A Small Office Nook At Home

Small Home Office Space Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

1 – Identify Underused Space

Not every corner of a home needs to have a ‘use’, but since needing space for my desktop computer I’ve started to look for underused nooks of our home.

This corner, which was previously a purely decorative space, is perfect. 

Perhaps you have a similar corner, stretch of wall, or even a large landing space which you can convert into a small office nook at home? It can be done! Just take a look at this staircase landing office for inspiration!

2 – Identify Your ‘Desk Positioning Personality’

Small Home Office Space Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Joy Cho of Oh!Joy blog shared this post on ‘The Best Way To Position Your Desk’ a while ago and it made me laugh so much! What’s your desk personality?!

Just because you’re working with a small space, doesn’t mean you have to face the wall. You can still face outwards, or angle your desk differently.

This small IKEA laptop desk (which unfortunately is no longer available) is perfect in a small space. I’ve had it for years, and it’s served so many different uses. It’s been my vanity area table, a decorative console table and now a proper working desk. 

I like my desk facing the wall in this little nook, but in my old office I preferred facing into the room. It’s totally your preference!

Play around with your desk placement and gauge which style works best for you.

3 – Invest In An Ergonomic Chair 

Cult Furniture Office Chair | The Elgin Avenue Blog

If you’re anything like me, when I have a ‘desk day’ I’m pretty much glued to my office chair, and so it’s super important that it’s ergonomic.

Otherwise – hiiiii backache! 

I finally bit the bullet at the beginning of this year and started to research ergonomic office chairs.

My one stipulation (other than it being good for me!) was that it had to look nice too. If you’ve ever searched ‘ergonomic office chairs’ you’ll know that this is a challenge!

Fortunately Cult Furniture have SO many elegant desk chair styles, and I ended up finding my perfect ergonomic office chair in the Soft Pad High Back version.

Thank you Olivia for helping me to make the choice! You should see our DMs – ha!

The elegant black and brass design works perfectly in our home, and will transition well from this little corner nook, into my permanent office space. 

4 – Keep It Streamlined

Small Home Office Space Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

A small office nook is not conducive to clutter.

Aim to keep your small office space streamlined and clutter-free. It’ll be SO much more relaxing and productive for it!

Since this office nook isn’t a permanent one for me, I haven’t bought any additional furniture. If I were staying here though I’d consider buying something like this small cabinet from La Redoute to keep my files and bits and bobs tidy.

Ella also has a couple of brilliant IKEA pieces which I know she’s found really useful in her flat. 

5 – Light Is Everything

Small Home Office Space Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Our old flat was really dark, and I struggled to stay focused – in the winter months especially. I’d get so sleepy towards the end of the day!

Being by a big window really helps, but having great lighting in general is so important.

The Ersa Metal Floor Lamp from Cult Furniture is both beautiful and practical – it gives off so much light! Plus you can angle the lamp heads to face towards you.

I’ve also used SAD lamps before on my desk to help boost my mood and energy even more. I have the Lumie Bodyclock version. 


I’ve come to really love my little office nook! It feels more organised and clutter-free than any office space I’ve had before, and it makes such great use of a corner which would have otherwise been underused. 

The gold accents in the chair and lamp look great with the overall decor of our living room, and I know that they will transition well into my more permanent office space.

What’s Your Take? 

Do you have a small office space at home? Or are you thinking of setting one up? 

I’d love to hear about your experience!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

Office Nook Credits

Chair: Cult Furniture c/o | Lamp: Cult Furniture c/o

Patterned Mug: Anthropologie (Old) | Notebook: Coconut Lane 

Mirror: Vintage | Desk: IKEA – no longer available

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