5 Ways To Clean Up Your Technological Life Before New Year

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Whenever I take a trip away, I like to clean my home before I go. I can’t stand the thought of returning to a messy place, especially when there’s always a mountain of things to catch up on when getting back anyway.

Returning to a home which feels welcoming, fresh and organised is BLISS! And returning back to work after new year is much the same.

If you’re winding down for the holiday season, or are off of work already, I hope that these tips on cleaning up your technological life can be of help!

Getting your technological ducks in a row is something which always seems to be at the bottom of my to-do list, but which makes a HUGE difference when it comes to being efficient, organised and relaxed starting a new working year.

I hope today’s tips are helpful, and if you have any of your own to add I’d love to hear them!

Here’s to getting geeky over your technology clean up!

Beautiful Home Office Setup With Coffee And Notebooks | The Elgin Avenue Blog

5 Ways To Clean Up Your Technological Life Before New Year

1 – Export Old Files

I work across a desktop computer and a laptop, and inevitably one or the other periodically gets clogged up with files.

If you do one thing before signing off for the year, make it deleting unnecessary files, or simply moving them to an external hard drive which you can store easily in your office.

I’ve done this in previous years and it’s made a WORLD of difference to the speed and efficiency of my computers.

2 – Get Your Devices ‘Cleaned’

Depending on how backed up your devices have become, it may be an idea to have them ‘cleaned’ by a professional.

I took my EXTREMELY slow MacBook into an Apple store, and after safely removing all of the files I needed – to an external hard drive ofc. – I left my laptop with them to clean for a few days.

The result was a complete ‘reset’ of my computer which then worked like new!

SUCH a good feeling!

You can do this for any device you have. I’ve found Apple to be particularly helpful but I’m sure that large technology stores can assist if you have a different brand too.

Beautiful Home Office Setup With Coffee And Notebooks | The Elgin Avenue Blog

3 – Organise Your Photos

One of the items which most clogs up the memory on my devices, is photos. I love taking images and always have my phone to hand in case I pass something particularly beautiful.

The only problem with this is that my photo files are OUT OF CONTROL.

I have over 20K photos on my phone alone. And a tonne more on both of my computers.

It’s my aim before and during the festive season to completely reorganise my photos.

You can either manually go through your phone and devices deleting any images you no longer need, upload to cloud storage or export to an external hard drive.

If you’ve been through this process before I am ALL ears for tips on organisation?!

4 – Invest In A Shared Drive

If like me you work between a few different devices, it is worth looking into a shared drive.

Instead of saving files separately on each device, you can save them to a shared hub which will allow you to access them as and when you need them, from wherever you are.

I’ve used Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Drive historically.

It’s now an aim of mine to consolidate everything. Again – any tips on a shared space – I’m all ears!

5 – Update Your Passwords

I get it, it’s SO much easier to have the same password for everything. But this leaves you seriously vulnerable to hackers, should your password be leaked even once.

Services like Last Pass can help you to keep your passwords in one location safely, as well as assisting with generating strong passwords.

A parting word . . .

Consider A Cute Technology Case

I can’t tell you how much joy my technology cases they bring me! I love seeing my neat marble-print laptop awaiting me in my office, just as I think my phone looks 100x cuter with its matching marble-print phone case. The best place I’ve found for purchasing technology cases is Coconut Lane.

What’s Your Take?

Do you have a routine for cleaning up your technology before the new year? If so, what do you do? And any tips of your own? I’d LOVE to know!

Love, Monica x

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