Healthy Hair Tips For The Winter Months

Winter Hair Care Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Have you noticed that your hair is feeling a bit ‘meh’ since Winter hit? Me too.

The lower temperature, central heating and demands of a hectic festive season all add up! I’ve really noticed that my scalp is dry, and my hair is too.

Fortunatelyyy I’ve recently added some STELLAR products into my routine, and for the first time in ages I feel like I’ve got a grip on the challenges of Winter Hair.

Here are some of my favourite products and tools, as well as my hair care routine for the cooler months.

Winter Hair Care Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Healthy Hair Tips For The Winter Months

1 – Get A Fresh Cut & Colour

You hair goes through a LOT during winter. It’s totally normal to notice more split ends or a dullness in your colour.

Nothing looks better than healthy hair, and saying seeee ya to split ends will immediately make your hair look thicker and in better condition.

As for your colour . . .

If you have brunette hair, now’s the time to up the gloss factor. You can go down the route of a semi-permanent dye, or a colour refresh like Maria Nila’s Cacao range. I love a good brunette in the winter – it looks so luxurious!

If you have blonde hair, or balayage like me, you may find that your colour is going brassy. My favourite way to take care of this is by using a purple shampoo. My favourite is L’Oréal Professionel’s Serie Expert Silver Shampoo, and I also really like Maria Nila’s silver range.

For red hair, you can try a similar colour refresh. Again Maria Nila’s products are the best I’ve come across, and you can choose the strength and tone of your red depending on your hue.

I’ve also heard great things about the Josh Wood Colour range – I have friends who swear by it!

Winter Hair Care Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

2 – Treat Your Scalp

My scalp is one area which really suffers in the cold. It’s often dry and flaky (grrrrooooss I know!), and so I’m hyper conscious of taking care of it.

My favourite product for this is L’Oréal Professionel’s Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo. Lots of anti-dandruff shampoos strip your hair of its natural oil, but this shampoo is so gentle – I love it!

Be mindful of how much dry shampoo you use too as it can further dry out your scalp. In the winter I wash my hair more frequently to avoid using dry shampoo too often.

Fortunately, the more care you take of your scalp, the less irritated it should be. Give yourself a couple of weeks in a new routine, and if your scalp is still bothering you, reach out to your hairdresser for a recommendation.

Winter Hair Care Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

3 – Try An Overnight Treatment

OK, I’m GIDDY to share this product with you!

Living Proof’s PhD Night Cap Overnight Perfector is SO good. If I could, I would keep a basketful at home and just give them out to my friends!

This overnight treatment is SO moisturising. Since I have colour through the ends of my hair, it’s particularly dry and prone to frizz. I’ve tried overnight conditioners before, and this one is by far the best I’ve come across.

You simply apply it before you go to sleep, concentrating on the bottom third of your hair. You comb it through and leave it.

The next morning you wash your hair like normal, and poof! Richly moisturised locks.

If you have a hair mask at home already, try applying it before you go to bed and sleeping in it. Allowing your hair the maximum amount of time possible to soak in all the moisture goodness.

Winter Hair Care Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

4 – Invest In Silk

Do you remember me sharing about SILKE London’s hair wraps before?

Silk, as a fabric, causes zero friction.

One of the reasons you wake up with ‘bed hair’ in the morning, is because your hair is coming into contact with your pillow which is causing friction and possibly even breakage.

If you really want to up your ‘hair health’, try a silk pillow case or a SILKE London hair wrap.  Bonus – if you use the wrap, it will help to distribute your natural oils more evenly, meaning you’re more likely to keep your scalp in good condition too.

Winter Hair Care Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Dress: BooHoo (Old) | Jacket: Wallis c/o

Bag: Karen Millen (Old) | Boots: The White Company (Old)

Hat: Oliver Bonas (Old)

5 – Upgrade Your Tools

The T3 Cura hairdryer is a game changer. I’ve never used a hair dryer which has left my hair feeling so soft, and looking so frizz-free.

I’m INCREDIBLY impatient when it comes to drying my hair, and despite feeling cooler than my previous hairdryers my new Cura hairdryer dries my hair so quickly.

I also just started using the T3 Single Pass Curl curling wand. I haven’t used a wand in years, and I’d forgotten how perfectly they style your hair! Again I love how gentle this tool is on my hair whilst delivering great results.


Bonus Tip!

For all the products and tools out there, my hair always feels its best when I’m taking care of my wellbeing and diet.

Lots of good fats, plenty of sleep and minimal stress = healthy hair.


My hair can really suffer in the winter months, but I’ve finally found a combination of products and tools which help to keep it in great condition.

These are products I’ve genuinely been using, and which I LOVE! I hope that they may help you with your own hair health this season too!

What’s Your Take?

Do you struggle with your hair in the winter months? If so, do you have any tips or tricks you use? I’d love to hear from you!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash


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