Health Home Hustle Podcast: Season 2 // Episode 7

January 24, 2023

The Wellbeing Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

with ACAI Founder Kasia Bromley



Let’s hear it for Mama Nature! I’ve experienced the wellbeing benefits of spending time in nature many times over since I began to incorporate regular outdoor activity into my day to day life. In today’s episode of the Health Home Hustle podcast I’m diving into the health and mental wellness benefits of time spent outdoors with Kasia Bromely. Kasia is the founder of ACAI —the first and only outdoor brand designed specifically for women.

Having started her design career at Alexander McQueen and subsequently the outdoor apparel brand Endura, in 2016, Kasia founded ACAI with her husband Joe. Since then, ACAI has grown over 2000% online since February 2017. As of 2023 the brand secured a further £3million investment to further their growth.

Not only is the brand thriving from a business perspective, its avid community of outdoors-loving women is ever-growing. With ACAI’s Outdoorsing Club hosting sold-out adventures for women throughout the UK.

I am so excited to welcome Kasia onto the show today to discuss ACAI, her experience of spending time in nature, and why time outdoors is such a big player when it comes to our overall health and wellbeing.

If spending more time in nature is one of your goals for 2023, or perhaps you want to push yourself to enjoy more adventurous walks, hikes or outdoor challenges, this episode if for you!

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