Health Home Hustle Podcast: Season 2 // Episode 6

January 17, 2023

10 Positive Actions to Take for a Brighter Year Ahead

10 Positive Actions to Take for a Brighter Year Ahead



Hello friends! Welcome back to the Health Home Hustle Podcast! The second half of season 2 and a brand New Year!!! Today is also my Birthday so I feel like I’m coming at this with double new year vibes!

This week’s episode is a solo one. I have no doubt that your social media feeds, inboxes and life generally will be full of New Year advice and motivation, and I just want to preface this episode by saying that however you want to approach the new year and year ahead is totally OK. You absolutely do you! That being said, whether it’s the beginning of a calendar year, a Birthday or another date you choose, drawing a line in the sand and starting afresh can feel really energising.

So, today I’m sharing 10 Positive Actions you can take for a brighter year / *insert your own time period* ahead. These are things which I have personally found increase my happiness and enjoyment of life, and I hope that they can help you too!

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