Health (Heart) Home Hustle For 2018

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Well HELLO there! It feels like forever ago that I last checked in with you here, and I’ve been SO excited to get back into blogging and sharing with you.

So, how ARE you? How is the beginning of your year going? And which Netflix shows are your bingeing on?! Because if you’re anything like me RN, hibernation is your #1 priority!

I wanted to kick start the year on the blog with a quick recap on my year-long mantra for 2017, and what its 2018 incarnation looks like.

It’s no secret that by the end of 2017 I was well and truly exhausted. And so although I’ve been itching to get back to posting for a couple of weeks, I caught my eagerness in its tracks and forced myself to go slow. 

To rest and recuperate first. And to plan things out properly.

If there’s one lesson I learnt last year it’s that planning AHEAD is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and so in honour of that little tome, I’m aiming to work ahead of time on my blogging content all year long.

And, of course, I’ll keep you updated on how that particular intention goes.

Anyhu, here’s a quick bare-all recap of my end of 2017, and start to this year.

I have a new and updated mantra for the next 12 months, and I’m excited to share it with you . . .

Health. Heart. Home. Hustle.

About last year . . .

December was a demanding month. 2017 was a demanding year.

Rather than feeling excited by January 1st (and you know I love a new notebook!), come 2018 I was more of the: “give me the sofa, all the pasta and don’t interrupt Grace and Frankie” ilk.

Side note: HOW good is Grace and Frankie?! I want to live in their houses!

Comparison and the less glam stuff . . .

I don’t often share the more challenging parts of blogging, but I want to be honest with you. There are MANY lovely aspects of this job, but just like anyone, I’m susceptible to comparison.

I’m also pretty bad at burning the candle at both ends.

At times I feel under pressure to post new content when I feel I ‘should’ (like as soon as the new year starts), rather than when I’m ‘ready’ to. I’ve also been guilty of taking on too much work, only to burn out and take a break to recuperate. Know the feeling? 

When other bloggers share their accomplishments and new posts on social media, any feelings of guilt or inadequacy are heightened. I can’t help but feel that they’ve got their sh*t together, at times when I feel like mine is all awry. Again, know that feeling?!

Rather than berating myself for not posting for the first few weeks of 2018, I wanted to honour the mantra I had set for 2017: Health Home Hustle.

That order of priorities helped me no end in 2017, and when I shared my intentions to follow them in 2018 too, your responses were overwhelming.

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This year though I’m doing things ever so slightly differently.

For one: blogging is my main focus for the year. Last year I launched three new ventures: Big Small Business, Let’s Discuss Podcast and my Poster Collection. I was also consulting and running workshops on the side. All whilst blogging too. *cue sweating face emoji*

When I write all of that out, it’s no surprise that I felt burnt out by the end of the year, but it was exciting too and whilst I was taking part in it all I LOVED it. Now, I can safely say that I’ve sated my need to explore new things, and I’m happy to be honing in on just a few key work areas: blogging, podcasting and my posters. 

One of my resolutions this year is to “do less and do it better”, and so I’ve closed my other business routes right now (with the exception of Big Small Business which will be back in 2019) and am focusing purely on those three areas.

It feels GOOD to be honing in, and I’m so excited to work on making this little corner of the internet the very best it can be.

So that’s what’s going on over here on the blog, and then, there’s my overriding mantra for 2018 – an update on Health Home Hustle from 2017 (the first update of which I shared here).

A comment on Instagram made me add one more priority into my mantra: Heart.

Now, instead of Health Home Hustle, I’m working on Health Heart Home Hustle.

Heart for me represents the relationship I have with myself, and with others.

And I  think it deserves a focus all of its own.

So, here’s my (revised) mantra for 2018:

Health. – wellbeing, rest, exercise, nutrition, self-care, meditation.

Heart. – introspection, affirmations, positivity, family, Oli, friendships.

Home. – home environment, laundry(!), food shops, cleanliness.

Hustle. – work, career and career development.

What’s your take on 2018?

Does Health, Heart, Home, Hustle resonate with you?

What are your focuses for the next twelve months?

I’m so happy to be back here with you!

If there is anything you’d like me to cover in particular on The Elgin Avenue, leave a comment below and I’ll look to include it in this year’s posts.

Hope your 2018 has got off to a great start!

Love, Monica x


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