How To Get Started With Meditation & The Meditation App I Swear By

Rituals Meditation App | The Elgin Avenue Blog

5 Minutes Of Meditation Magic

Today I am sharing one very simple tip on how to get started with meditation featuring the meditation app I swear by.

Regular readers will know that meditation plays a big part in my day to day life.

I say big because it is a near-daily activity, but I rarely spend more than five minutes on it. Despite it being a short time commitment, the benefits I have experienced since including meditation in my routine have been life-changingly huge.

I hope today’s post will help you to find a little pocket of calm in your daily routine.

 Rituals Meditation App | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Why I Turned To Meditation

There was a time in my life when I suffered with anxiety pretty badly. Every day my heart would race, my thoughts were scattered and often self-critical, and at times I’d find myself in physical pain from all the anxious nervousness building up in me. Not to mention I was totally caught up in the comparison trap.

On reflection, I identify the time when I felt most anxious as being my quarter life crisis. I experienced this at the age of twenty two/twenty three, and it was one of the hardest chapters I have ever gone through.

Spoiler – I’ll be sharing more about this soon.

It was in amongst this period of high anxiety that I first began to practice mindfulness. In a time when everything felt busy, hectic and disorganised, mindfulness helped me to calm my nerves and focus my thoughts.

Discovery #1 – The Little Book Of Mindfulness

The first discovery I made in the world of mindfulness and meditation was a pocket-size saviour.

The Little Book of Mindfulness by Tiddy Rowan began my relationship with meditation and mindfulness and since buying my first copy I have gifted it to countless friends and family members.

Historically I’d carry this pocket-size book with me everywhere – it was my saviour at the bottom of my handbag. Whenever I felt anxious, I simple brought it out and read a few pages, practiced some of the exercises, and found my way to a calmer head space.

I still have this book and refer to it. It is the most wonderful handy little guide, and a great introduction to mindful practices.

Discovery #2 – My First Meditation App

Many beginners’ guides to meditation will recommend the Headspace App as a great place to start with your meditation practice.

Indeed, this was the first meditation app I used.

If you’re curious, I’d suggest giving the Headspace app a go – it is free for the first 10 days.

Only you can decide which app/practice works best for you and your meditation (if any), for me I chose not to continue with the premium version of the Headspace App, but I still enjoyed my little stint with it ????

 Rituals Meditation App | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Discovery #3 – My Second – And Favourite – Meditation App 

Here we go – this is my very favourite meditation app! It’s free, and I use it every single day.

My favourite ever meditation app is the Rituals App!!!

I was first introduced to this app via the wonderful Anna of The Anna Edit. Since then, I became hooked, and now use it every day as part of my morning routine.

Amazingly, things have gone full circle and Anna recently shared her Mindful Morning Routine inspired by The Elgin Avenue! I love Anna and her site, so seeing this mindfulness circle come right round feels like a huge honour.

Rituals Meditation App | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Why I Really Really Love The Rituals App

I love love love the Rituals App for meditation, mainly for its elegance and simplicity.

As you open the app you are greeted by a positive mantra. Mine today was:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tze.

This strikes a chord with me as I too share a mantra on The Elgin Avenue’s home page, the above quote has actually been one of mine historically too! If you are viewing this post on a mobile, switch to the desktop version to see the quote.

You then navigate to the ‘meditation’ section of the app, and you have the choice of meditation or yoga.

I choose meditation, and then have the option to ‘relax your body’, ‘relax your mind’ or ‘enjoy the moment’.

Most often I go for the ‘relax your mind’ option but I have also tried the other two. I just opt for whichever one is speaking to me at that time.

You then have the option to meditate for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes. I tend to go for 5 minutes as it slots nicely into my morning practice of meditating and then writing in my gratitude journal.

How Meditation Has Positively Impacted My Life

We all have times in our lives when everything feels overwhelming.

Perhaps you are just incredibly busy, or maybe you are not busy and that’s what’s stressing you out – I’ve been in both situations friend!

Sometimes life is noisy, and the pressure of ‘shoulds’ are caving in.

Or maybe you are just seeking a way of experiencing greater happiness in your day to day life.

For me, meditation helps me to focus. I feel so much more ‘on it’ when I take time to focus on my health and wellbeing, and my mental wellbeing is as much a part of this as my physical state.

When I meditate, I am able to concentrate on everything. From work, to conversations and even painting my nails! Everything just feels more focused and singular when I take the time to incorporate meditation into my routine. I feel much more present.

Want To Give 5 Minutes Of Meditation A Go?

By now, perhaps you’re curious enough about meditation to give it a go.

See if 5 minutes changes your day to day, I would love to hear from you! Download the Rituals App here. 

Oh and if you’re curious about how and when I fit meditation in, I love to put a big floor cushion down, light a candle and enjoy my five minutes of practice in the morning.

What’s Your Take?

Do you currently meditate? Would you like to start the practice? How do you find a moment of calm in your day to day?

I’d love to hear from you!

Love, Monica x

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post, just sharing the love ❤️


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