“Fulfilment” – my Word Of The Year!

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to ‘fulfilment’ recently.

It all started with Geneva’s blog post about choosing your Word Of The Year.

In years gone by I’ve focused on my Health. Home. Hustle. intentions, and whilst those pillars are still important to me, I’m ready to take on a new focus. 

And so, I started giving thought to my Word Of The Year.

It took me a few weeks, but I finally settled on a word I LOVE: Fulfilment.

Fulfilment is a feeling, as opposed to a physical goal, and I am SO on board with it!

Here’s why . . .

Why I chose “Fulfilment” as my Word Of The Year

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My inspiration for my Word Of The Year came from the most unlikely of places: a webinar series on organising your finances.


I was watching Shanna Skidmore’s webinar series, ahead of the launch of her signature course The Blueprint Model, when Shanna said something which rang out SO clearly to me.

Shanna’s message was about living a life which is ‘radically fulfilling’. One which can ‘support the life you dream of’.

HOW good does that sound?!

Whilst I’ve heard both of those things said before, in many different ways, for some reason they suddenly ‘clicked’ for me.

Why gauge your ‘success’ on outer factors, when the only measure you need to check in with is how fulfilled you feel?

Classic Leopard Print Coat Outfit | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Bill Carmody expands on this in Tony Robbins: Success Without Fulfilment is The Ultimate Failure for Inc.:

“Every time we achieve something, we systematically move the goal post even further. What we don’t do is stop and celebrate our wins and acknowledge our accomplishments.”

Carmody continues:

“Fulfilment is About Gratitude, Celebration and Contribution

Begin each day with gratitude.
Next, Celebrate Your Future Accomplishments
And Finally, Find a Way to Give Generously.”

Does that ring true for you too?

Off of the back of the Inc. article I found myself on Tony Robbins’ website which is FULL of motivational blog posts and information.

Randomly it was a video with performer Derek Hough which put ‘fulfilment’ into a sentence I resonated with:

Derek shares that fulfilment is: “Not thinking that I have to achieve something, to feel something.”

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My Route to Fulfilment

I can’t claim to have found a formula for ‘fulfilment’, but having it as my Word Of The Year has made me so much more conscious of it.

I’m asking myself:

– If I could plan my ideal day, or my ideal month/year, what would it include?

– What am I working towards?

– How can I cultivate a feeling of celebration, before things have been actualised? (This works hand in hand with my feelings about pre-celebrating, and creative visualisation.)

– Whose company always makes me feel great? (This plays into my wellbeing habits for the year.)

– How can I express gratitude every day?

And finally . . . 

– How can I shape my life for fulfilment?

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I’m SO excited about focusing on Fulfilment this year, and I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

What’s Your Take?

Have you chosen a Word Of The Year for 2019, or in years gone by? If so, did you find it helpful?

What are your thoughts on “Fulfilment”?

I’d love to know!

Love, Monica x

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