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S3 // Ep 4 // Determining Your Elemental Constitution (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) With Hana Miller, Founder, The Balanced Woman System

May 2, 2023


This week I’m welcoming Hana Miller, licensed acupuncturist, certified holistic health practitioner and founder of The Balanced Woman System—an online platform which helps women to heal themselves holistically using Chinese Medicine, Hormonal Balancing, Qi Gong and more—to discuss elemental constitution on the show.

In this episode Hana and I discuss holistic health, what it means to “see an entire person”, how we can all benefit from learning about the seasons (of life, a year, a day) and how we can maximise the 24hr clock using the Chinese Medicine clock.

We also discuss the elements—wood, water, earth, metal and fire—and how learning about our elemental constitution can help us to fully bring us into balance and “into our element”. Hana even does a face reading on me and shares my elemental constitution!

I found Hana to be an incredibly peaceful, kind and intuitive person, as well as being incredibly knowledgable. There is so much to take away from this conversation!

If you’ve been feeling out of balance, you’re struggling with hormonal issues or you’re just curious about how you can be more mindful of your time, this episode is for you!

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