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DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Since so many of us are spending more time at home than ever before, I wanted to put together a few of my self-care routines for you to follow at home, in collaboration with Beauty Pie. 

I’ve divided the self-care routines into 15, 30 and 60 minute slots, so you can pick and choose your ‘recipe’ depending on how much time you have. I know that some days the bare minimum is necessary, and others (hiiiiii Sunday!) I can really luxuriate in more me time. 

On any given week, a nourishing self-care routine is something I SO look forward to. That slice of time — to step away from responsibilities, screens and the general whirr of daily life — is golden.

A Re-Introduction to Beauty Pie

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Beauty Pie is a buyers club for beauty-lovers. 

You can sign up to become a Beauty Pie member, and by doing so you gain access to beauty products for a fraction of the typical price you’d pay. Think: around 80% less!

Beauty Pie cuts out celebrity advertising, over the top packaging, middlemen and other costs which are usually passed on to the consumer, so that you can access luxury beauty products at no mark up.

To put that into perspective, Beauty Pie’s Tinted Moisturiser (which I love) would typically retail at around £28. By being a Beauty Pie member, you pay around £6. 


DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Have a browse of Beauty Pie online to get a gauge of more products. You can easily see what you’d typically pay for a product, vs the Beauty Pie price. 

In order to access these amazing prices, you need to become a Beauty Pie member. You can choose your membership tier, based on your beauty and skincare needs. The entry level is £5 per month, and it goes up to £20 per month.

If you have any unused spending allowance it rolls over to the next month, so no allowance goes to waste. 

Browse membership options here. 

Use the code: MONICASENTME for an extra £50 worth of products in your first month!

Sustainable Practices

Beauty Pie is committed to sustainable practices which is increasingly a value I’m looking for in the brands I’m investing in.

Almost all of Beauty Pie’s products are vegan, and none of their products are tested on animals. 

Plus Beauty Pie packaging has no over-the-top fancy caps or rigid false-bottomed plastic jars to make products feel heavier. They also choose plant-based inks and recyclable and recycled board for their cartons. Too much cosmetic packaging currently ends up in landfill, and the more complex the components, the less easily it can be broken down for recycling. At Beauty Pie they’re always working to make packaging as ecologically conscious as possible.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s chat self-care routines.

My 15, 30 and 60 Minute Self-Care Routines

If You Have 15 Minutes (or less)

Let’s be real, on a ‘normal’ working day, I don’t spend more than 15 minutes on my skincare. 

In the morning my whole getting-ready process takes around 30 minutes, which means that my self-care routine has to be quick and effective.

Cue: cleanse, prep and moisturise — a classic trio!

Here’s what I use morning and night, when I’ve got a speedy self-care slot at my disposal:

The 15 Minutes (Or Less) Routine

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Cleanse: JAPANFUSION™ PURE TRANSFORMING CLEANSER | This cleanser feels sooo good. It starts out as a gel-like consistency, and literally transforms into a silky cleanser. I love the way this feels on my skin, and it’s super gentle. 

Prep: JAPANFUSION™ HYDRA PREP LOTION | I use this lotion as my toner. It helps to remove any traces of makeup and/or dirt, and speeds up the process of moisture absorption.

Moisturise: JAPANFUSION™ URBAN AIR PURIFYING DAY MOISTURIZER | One of my favourite feelings ever is the ‘quench’ you get when applying moisturiser to your face. It’s so satisfying. Beauty Pie’s daily moisturiser is super-nourishing, and does exactly what you’d want it to — namely load you up with hydration without clogging pores. Lightweight but major ‘quench’.


I am ALL in for anything which makes me look glow-y, especially now. And this sheer tinted SPF is such an easy and quick way to look perkier.

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog




Moisturise: SUPER RETINOL (+ VITAMIN C) NIGHT RENEWAL MOISTURIZER | In the evening I swap out my lightweight daytime moisturiser in favour of something richer and more nourishing. If you haven’t used retinol before, it helps to “protect, brighten, hydrate and smooth skin, without irritation” according to Beauty Pie. I’ve used this moisturiser for a year or so now, and it never fails to impress me with how plumped-up my skin looks in the morning. One of my all-time favourite Beauty Pie products.

If You Have 30 Minutes

I usually allocate one or two evening/s a week when I really take my time with my skincare.

I pop on a face mask (or two), load a chill playlist (currently loving this one by Chrissy), and generally zone into that ‘me time’ that I find so rejuvenating.

I’m fairly introverted, so taking time to be alone is a big part of my re-energising tool box. And even now, during isolation, I need to find a slice of ‘me time’ away from any kind of device or Zoom call, ha!

30 minutes is plenty of time to really load up on great skincare. Here’s my 30 minute routine: 

The 30 Minutes Routine

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Cleanse: SUPER HEALTHY SKIN™ DEEP PURIFYING CLEANSER | This cleanser is a hybrid between a traditional daily cleanser and a purifying mask. 

You can use it, massage it in, and wash off after 30 seconds, or leave it on for 2 – 3 minutes for more of a masking effect. Just this week I used it as a mask since I was experiencing a hormonal breakout, and my skin instantly felt soothed and tighter for it. A new favourite.

Peel: DR GLYCOLIC MULTI-ACID (6.5%) MICROPEELING PADS | I looooove peeling pads! They make a gentle acid exfoliation so easy. I swipe these over my face after using my cleanser, and the next day I really notice that my skin looks brighter for it.

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Sheet mask: JAPANFUSION™ 10 MINUTE MIRACLE SHEET MASK | Sheet masks may look terrifying (sorry Oli!), but they’re one of the quickest ways to supercharge your skin with moisture. 

The JAPANFUSION™ sheet mask is literally soaked in goodness, including hypoallergenic White Mushroom Polysaccharides (which is more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid). I leave this on for as long as I fancy (normally the length of whatever TV show I’m in to!), and then leave the residue on overnight to really soak in. It feels amazing. 

If You Have 60 Minutes

Ok ladies and gents, this is the gold standard self-care routine! I’m actually craving this routine as I type it out – ha!

Every now and then (once a week if I’m lucky! Twice a month more-likely) I’ll carve out an hour to reeeeeally delve into a luxurious self-care routine. 

My 60 minute self-care routine is something I’d do before a party, or event, or when I’m really in need of some TLC. It’s amazing how impactful spending proper TIME on yourself can be, eh?! 

You’ll feel ALL shiny and new after this I swear.

The 60 Minutes Routine

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Clay mask: SUPER PORE-DETOX PURIFYING BLACK CLAY MASK | This purifying mask feels like it’s literally diving into your pores and extracting all nastiness to leave you with clear-looking skin. 

It’s one of the most effective purifying masks I’ve used, and is the one I always bring out for girl-time with my friends. 

Refuelling mask: OXYGEN INSTANT FACIAL REFUELLING MASK | Does what it says on the tube! This is a jack of all trades mask, formulated by a Nobel-Institute epidemiologist to re-oxygenate the skin. It’s fancy.

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Body scrub: SUPER HEALTHY SKIN™ NOURISHING BODY POLISH | Where do I even begin with this body polish?! It smells aaaaamazing. I mean, mango and papaya enzymes . . . imagine!

Unlike other body polishes I’ve used in the past, this is not overly abrasive, but does slough off dead skin cells in an incredibly satisfying way. The polish is loaded with oils, meaning that (unless you’re consciously removing every trace of oil due to self-tanning) you can leave the remaining sheen on your skin post-shower. Looks and feels incredible.

Body cream: SUPER HEALTHY SKIN™ DELUXE MOISTURE BODY CRÈME | I’m calling it. If you buy one thing from this post, make it THIS body cream. 

Every time I apply this I walk around the flat announcing how GOOD it is! I’m sure Oli really appreciates my regular PSAs ha! If I’m not applying a self tan I’ll use this liberally all over my body. It sinks in immediately, and though it’s incredibly moisturising, it leaves no oily residue. Heaven. 

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog


If I am using a self tan after, I’ll only apply this to my knees, ankles, palms of my hands and elbows, since those areas tends to be drier and therefore are more prone to uneven tanning. 

Self-tan: AWESOME BRONZE™ SUPER FORMULA NO-STREAK SELF TANNING MOUSSE | You know it’s a big self-care night when I bring out the self-tan! There’s nothing quite as confidence-boosting as waking up with a golden glow, I swear. Whenever I’m feeling ‘meh’, or like I really want to feel amazing for an occasion, self-tan is my go-to.

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue BlogDIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Nail polishes: WONDERLAYER™ DIAMOND POWDER BASE COAT, WONDERCOLOUR™ NAIL POLISH – ABSOLUTELY and FLEXIGLASS™ UV TOP COAT | Doing my nails is one of the most relaxing things in the world to me. Truly, I love every step — the shaping, buffing and polish — bliss! 

I’ve tested the durability of Beauty Pie’s polishes, and I’m happy to report they are very VERY good. 

Chip-free for five days, and minimal chipping after that. I’m impressed — and I’m hard to impress when it comes to nail polish! Plus the colour selection is great for classic goes-with-everything shades.

Mask, buff, moisturise, tan AND nails . . . that’s 60 minutes of bliss!


DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue BlogDIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Regardless of how much time I have, there are two products I use every day, pretty much all day:

Hand cream: PLANTASTIC™ NOURISHING SHEA BUTTER HAND CREAM | I can’t get enough of shea butter right now! Why does it feel SO good?! I always apply hand cream before going to bed, and this fella lives on my bedside table.

Furthermore, given that my hands are drier now than usual (thank you antibac!) this is getting more use than ever.

Lip balm: SUPER MOISTURE SHEA BUTTER LIP BALM | About that shea butter obsession . . . ! Yep, you guessed it, I love it in this lip balm too. I apply this 10 x a day I swear, and always before bed.


Taking time for yourself is so important.

Everyone has a different way of stoking their fire, but if you’re a fellow at-home-spa kinda gal, I hope that these routines are helpful!

Beauty Pie has made making time for yourself accessible and luxurious, and for that I am VERY grateful. 

Remember! If you fancy signing up to Beauty Pie you can use the code MONICASENTME for an extra £50 of allowance in your first month. 

What will you be stocking up on?!


Will you be giving any of these routines a go? If so, which one is speaking to you? 

Finally, and importantly, which products are calling your name?

Love, Monica x 

Thank you to Beauty Pie for sponsoring this post. 

DIY Self Care Routines with Beauty Pie | The Elgin Avenue Blog

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