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Create A ‘Happiness Boosts’ List

February 23, 2018


The podcast Happier, and its sister podcast Happier in Hollywood are two of my absolute favourite positivity-emitting podcasts to listen to. Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft host Happier, whilst Elizabeth and her writing partner Sarah Fain host Happier in Hollywood.

As the show names hint to, both podcasts are about living happier lives. What I love most about these shows is that their approach to happiness, and increasing it in your day to day life, is relatively easy. Happiness tips range from small 60-second tasks you can complete in your home, all the way through to pondering the ‘big questions’ in life.

One focus which I’ve particularly picked up on from Happier, is ‘Happiness Boosts’.

I love this term!

It describes so perfectly those little moments in time, and habits we adopt, which can cause a huge surge in happiness. Big and small.

Just recently I was reminded of how powerful a Happiness Boost can be.

In the midst of moving homes, I was feeling really run down and miserable. (I feel guilty for even writing that because we are so happy with our new home – but moving is really hard!) It had been two weeks straight of packing. We had zero comforts set up and any notion of healthy habits had gone out the door.

Having acknowledged that it was a tricky time, I booked myself in for a manicure on an upcoming Friday, and I swear that appointment got me out of my funk.

“Knowing yourself, and what triggers a good mood for you can be really powerful.”

That one manicure – which felt like HEAVEN after weeks of manual labour and the mundaneness of moving – was something which really felt like a HUGE treat. I looked forward to the manicure all week, enjoyed it hugely during the appointment, and then had the bonus of perfectly painted nails to perk me up too. NB: I went for a gel polish to ensure it wouldn’t chip.

Though it may seem like a small thing, I realised that getting my nails done is a big Happiness Boost for me.

And, it got me to thinking about Happiness Boosts in general.

Knowing yourself, and what triggers a good mood for you can be really powerful.

Below I’ve rounded up some of my top Happiness Boosts. I’d love to know yours at the bottom of this post!

10 Of My Top Happiness Boosts

Getting my nails done. See above.

Going to the cinema, turning my phone on airplane mode and eating allllll the sour sweets.

Reading in bed in the morning. Especially if accompanied by a coffee which Oli whipped up.

A really good soak in the bath.

‘Pottering’! Give me half a day, a high street of shops, an indie coffee, some blooms to buy and I am HAPPY.

A long drive through the countryside.

Listening to a podcast while cooking.

Beach time.

Heading to the gym – especially my weekend kettle-bell class. Sweaty but GOOD.

Netflix. Oli. Wine. Pyjamas.

My Happiness Boosts aren’t particularly ground-breaking or glamorous, but each of them genuinely puts a spring in my step.

If I’m ever down, or need to practice some self-care, any one of these will help to get me out of my funk.

If you struggle to shake off a bad mood, it may be helpful to write down your own Happiness Boosts. You can refer to your list when you’re feeling ‘meh’. Sometimes it can be hard to remember what perks you up, especially if you’re feeling low. Having a physical list/phone note can be a great reference.

What’s Your Take?

I’d love to know what your Happiness Boosts look like? Do you share a love of any of mine?

Here’s to more of those little pick me up moments!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Marlene Lee

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