The Plus Sides Of Instagram

Much has been written in recent years about Instagram and its negative effects. Comparison can be a real joy-sucker, and for sure I’ve fallen prey to measuring my life up against someone else’s curated feed.

That being said, I also absolutely LOVE the platform – there are so many GOOD things that have come about because of Instagram, and today I want to share some of the plus sides of Instagram I personally enjoy.

Instagram is truly an amazing platform, and it has a whole host of benefits – both business-wise and for personal use – which we can look to celebrate.

I’ve rounded up my favourite elements of the platform, and I’d love to know yours too!

Jenna Kutcher Interview | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Instagram, Business & Keeping It Real With Jenna Kutcher

Dream of taking ‘that leap’ and pursuing a passion?

Corporate worker – turned six-figure-earning creative entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher is sharing her tips for having faith in your passion, developing an Instagram account which will score you your ideal clients, and balancing a life you love . . .

This interview is perfect for anyone sat on the fence about pursuing a passion, in need of an inspirational boost or simply interested in learning about the journey of a fellow creative soul.

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