How To Improve Your Instagram Feed Using These Niche Instagram Editing Apps

A little while ago (after a bit of an Instagram funk) I decided to broaden my Instagram editing apps horizon. I wanted new filters, better editing-on-the go, and additional effects. Through research, trial and error, and advice from trusted freinds, I narrowed things down to a handful of new-to-me niche Instagram editing apps. These Instagram editing apps can REALLY up your game and improve your Instagram feed . . .

Trust me: I’ve tried them ALL!

As always, once I’ve come across something which has helped me, I want to share it with you! So, here’s my lowdown of niche Instagram editing apps to improve your Instagram feed.

Whether you ‘gram for fun or your full-time work, I hope that you’ll enjoy exploring!

Thoughts On Social Media And Digital Communication | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Opening Up Online: How I Tackle Personal Topics On My Blog & Social Media

Blogging about personal topics can really help to bond bloggers with their readership. After all, vulnerability is one of the best ways to foster trust. And who doesn’t love to learn a little more about the people behind a blog or social channel? I know I do!

Despite blogging for 8+ years, I still find it fascinating to learn more about people!

Especially when I feel like I ‘know them’ – at least a little already – through their online channels. Give me a home tour, personal essay or *insert personal topic of choice* any day.

But on the flip side, there’s a question of where, as a blogger, you draw the line on what’s comfortable for you to share. Where is your privacy boundary?

Through my own curiosities and experience, I thought it’d be fun to open up about how I choose what to share online, and some of the boundaries I have in place.

Wellbeing Habits To Get Into For A Happy And Healthy Year | The Elgin Avenue Blog

10 Wellbeing Habits To Get Into For A Healthy & Happy Year 

I am so excited about The Elgin Avenue this year! I just celebrated my eighth blogger-versary and, as with so many things, I feel more confident and settled the further into this journey I get. 

With eight years under my belt and a HEAP of learning to go with it, in 2019 I’m focusing on the content I REALLY love creating and sharing with you.

Meaning: no content because it’s on trend, or because it’s click-bait, or because I feel like it’s something I *should* be talking about . . . but purely sharing because I’m passionate about X, Y or Z.

And so . . . here we are, at one of my favourite topics – wellbeing. Specifically wellbeing habits. 

How I Keep My Creative Fuel Tank Topped Up Throughout The Year

Overwhelm and exhaustion suck.

And when you’re working in a creative field being knackered can totally deplete you of your ideas, imagination and enthusiasm. 

Here’s how I go about keeping my creative fuel tank topped up throughout the year.

I hope that my experience can help you to keep yours going too! Especially during this last push of the year before we hang up real clothes for pyjamas!

Just me ???? . . . ?!

How To Prepare For A Photoshoot At Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

How I Prepare For A Blog Shoot + Tips & Tricks For Styling Your Own

Of all the things I love about blogging (and there are a lot!), conceptualising and styling a photoshoot is my favourite.  

It’s the bit of my job I used to dream about doing when I was little. Albeit blogs didn’t even exist then – so it was more of a: “one day when I work at Vogue” situation!

Today I’m so excited to take you behind the scenes of pulling together a photoshoot for the blog! I’m sharing some of the most important elements I focus on to ensure a successful day . . .

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