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10 Summer Holiday Style Essentials 

Headed on your holidays?

I’ve teamed up with my great friend and Let’s Discuss co-host Ella, of Coco’s Tea Party, to share 10 Summer Holiday Style Essentials so that you can pack with ease.

Read on for the first half of our 10 piece packing formula, and head over to Coco’s Tea Party to catch up on the second half of our selections!

We’ve done the style maths, and these 10 items will give you SO many options for your holidays . . .

Productivity Tips For Working Whilst You Travel

Working Travel – How To Plan Your Next Adventure With

The Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch is a pretty dreamy location to call your office for a little while. A couple of weeks ago Oli and I took the time to blend work and leisure with a 24hr working travel trip to London. 

If like me you live outside of London, or your equivalent ‘industry hub’, then having a few travel bases you can rely on is useful. And let’s be real – if you concentrate on finding a travel base you love – it’s makes work a helluva lot more fun too!

I’ve teamed up with to share my criteria for finding a travel base which works for you. 

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How To Truly Recharge Your Batteries With A 24 Hour Break

Oftentimes we feel like in order to have a truly restorative break we need to book a big holiday. Cue two full weeks of little else than snoozing, indulging and enjoying (hopefully!) some sunshine.

But what if that two week break isn’t available in the near future? You feel like you need to recharge, but you have significantly less time available to you? Like, 24 hours for instance?!

At the beginning of this week I decided to take a 24 hour break. It was all the time I had available to me, and I cannot tell you how much it felt like I’d been away for a week!

I’ve teamed up with The White Company to share my 24 hour restorative break routine, in celebration of their Escape to the Summer campaign.

It is possible to feel recharged and rejuvenated simply by getting away for one day, and here’s how . . .

3 Fun Day Out Ideas For Summer

By April it’s definitely time to start looking ahead to the warmer seasons and now is the time to start booking in some fun occasions with friends!

Do you find yourself day-dreaming of rosé, warm skin and endless evenings?

Me too!

With the summer season practically upon us (I mean it’s been sunny for a whole week which is akin to full on British summertime!), I’m sharing some of my favourite fun day out ideas for summer.

Now is the time to plan special dates in your diary for occasions with friends and family. I hope today’s post will help you to pop a few fun day out ideas in your calendar!

Why And How To Take A Proper Holiday

A holiday provides total detachment from the day to day noise of life. Not to mention it allows us to recuperate our energy, soak up some sunshine (if that’s your jam – which btw mine totally is) and explore somewhere new.

Read on for my take on why it’s vital to take a proper break, and how to do it.

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