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AD | Gift Ideas for Christmas ~ Laura Ashley

Confession: I got well into the swing of my favourite Christmas playlists a good few weeks back. I will take all of the good festive feels right now! In fact, I’ve been nudging Oli to get our Christmas tree, but that has steadfastly been ruled out until December (Oli is a traditionalist!), so I’ll be waiting a few weeks yet. Still, gifting, gifting I can think about. Yay! Enter British heritage brand Laura Ashley, who’ve partnered with Boots UK to create an elegant and romantic Christmas gifting collection.

Read on for some of my highlights from the collection, and just a few twinkly lights for good measure.

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5 Home Updates for Summer

Oh hiii August! Usually I’d be heading away on holiday this month, and although (and perhaps, because) that’s not been possible this year, I’ve made a few home updates for summer instead.

The bones of our home stay the same all year round, but there are mini updates which I like to make to mark the shift in seasons.

It keeps things feeling fresh, and allows me that ‘newness’ high without changing things around too much!

La Redoute kindly sent me a few new bits recently, so I thought I’d share them with you amongst the other updates I like to make in the warmer months.

Below are 5 SUPER simple home updates for summer. I hope you enjoy having a peruse, and I’d love to hear of any shifts you are making in your space too!

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Valentine’s Table Decor ~ The ‘Not-Cutesy’ Edition

Rare few things get me as nerded-out as laying a great table setting.

When Oli’s rustling up food for friends and family, I am in my ELEMENT rummaging in our cupboards looking for just the right napkins/cutlery/insert-random-decor item. It’s my bliss.

Go figure then that when Anthropologie reached out to ask if I’d like to style a tablescape in honour of Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t type my VERY enthusiastic response fast enough. Valentine’s table decor, you say?!

All. In.

Here’s how I pulled together an elegant rose-hued tablescape for V.Day . . .

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