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Valentine’s Table Decor ~ The ‘Not-Cutesy’ Edition

Rare few things get me as nerded-out as laying a great table setting.

When Oli’s rustling up food for friends and family, I am in my ELEMENT rummaging in our cupboards looking for just the right napkins/cutlery/insert-random-decor item. It’s my bliss.

Go figure then that when Anthropologie reached out to ask if I’d like to style a tablescape in honour of Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t type my VERY enthusiastic response fast enough. Valentine’s table decor, you say?!

All. In.

Here’s how I pulled together an elegant rose-hued tablescape for V.Day . . .

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7 Tips For Styling Happiness-Boosting Open Shelves

If you LOVE an open shelf, and creating an opportunity for a major ‘shelfie’ moment, there is SO much goodness in this blog post for you!

I’m sharing exactly how I style the two big shelving units in our kitchen, and all of my tips and tricks for creating a cohesive open-shelf-style . . . totally a thing!


Also! Lots of pretty pictures coming your way . . . !

Also also! This is the last blog post from me until late September, since Oli and I are about to hop over to Menorca to get married! <<< feels VERY surreal typing that!

Pre Wedding Wellness - How to Get Ready For Your Wedding In 6 Months | The Elgin Avenue Blog

My Approach To Pre-Wedding Wellbeing

As you know, wellbeing is always a priority for me, but with the added incentive of our wedding day coming up, every element of my wellness feels like it’s under a microscope. Eating well, exercising and tryinggg to stay calm ha!

Both Oli and I agreed in the early stages of wedding planning, that we wanted to ENJOY the process. And we’ve applied that to our pre-wedding wellbeing too.

Click through to read my overall approach to my pre-wedding wellbeing . . .

11 Of My Favourite Affordable Home Decor Brands

One of the things I get asked about most often, by friends and by readers, is where to shop for great affordable home decor. And I GET it, I always want to know peoples’ tips and tricks! Off of the back of such requests (and much research!), I thought I’d pull together a list of my favourite affordable home decor brands.

Cue a VERY fun task!

Some of these brands are SUPER affordable (like hiiiii £1.99 candle holders!) and others will stretch the ‘affordability mark’ a little. But all of these are brands I have products from in my own home, and which I believe are WELL worth purchasing from.

You ready to dig in?!

Here are 11 of my favourite affordable home decor brands . . .

Fes Travel Guide Morocco | The Elgin Avenue Blog

3 Days In Fès, Morocco – A Sunshine Escape 3 Hours From London

I am so excited to share my guide to Fès with you!

This breathtaking city is, as Condé Nast Traveller shares, “one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world”.

With every step you truly feel like you are re-living some kind of magic from eras gone by.

I’ve been wanting to visit Morocco for years, and my first trip outlived my (already high) expectations.

Here’s what I got up to over three days in Fès . . .

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