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How I Prepare For A Blog Shoot + Tips & Tricks For Styling Your Own

Of all the things I love about blogging (and there are a lot!), conceptualising and styling a photoshoot is my favourite.  

It’s the bit of my job I used to dream about doing when I was little. Albeit blogs didn’t even exist then – so it was more of a: “one day when I work at Vogue” situation!

Today I’m so excited to take you behind the scenes of pulling together a photoshoot for the blog! I’m sharing some of the most important elements I focus on to ensure a successful day . . .

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Transitioning Your Wardrobe For Spring

It’s been a long grey winter and I’m so ready to ditch my heavy jumpers and welcome spring.

As you read this I’ll be on my way to Austin(!!! – SO excited for this trip!) and so I’ve got a head start on planning my warmer weather wardrobe. Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about spring pieces, and today I wanted to share how I start to transition my wardrobe for the sunnier seasons.

It’s not a particularly extensive process, but it does involve relocating some things to the back of my wardrobe, and bringing others forwards. Oh and a few new purchases . . . !

Here’s what I’m rotating right now . . .

Gingham Top Outfit | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

In The Shopping Cart: Wrap Tops

In my first shopping roundup in what feels like FOREVER I’m highlighting my very favourite top style for the warmer season: the wrap top.

Click through to peruse my edit of some of the very best on the High St . . .

Olivia Burton Founders Jemma And Lesa Interview | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Advice From Female Founders In Business Together

Have you ever thought about going into business with a friend?

Over the course of the past couple of years I’ve launched two new ventures with close friends of mine.

From the logistics, and hard slog of founding a new business, through to the accolades you’ll (hopefully!) reap. It’s all shared and magnified.

In celebration of International Women’s Day tomorrow, and in line with mine and Ella’s partnership with Olivia Burton this year, I’m sharing an insight into the inner working of female founders, and working with friends.

Jemma and Lesa, founders of the hugely successful accessories brand Olivia Burton, and real-life best friends, kindly opened up their experience of working alongside one another for today’s post.

As business-owners and friends too, Ella and I have added our two cents as newcomers! . . .

Christmas Shopping Tips Using Messenger | The Elgin Avenue Blog

How To Make Your Holiday Season Run Smoothly With Messenger

At this time of year I am ALL for tips and tricks which can make life easier.

You may remember that I shared Messenger’s new P2P payment function recently, and now I have even more of the app’s functions to share with you!

If, like me, you’ve left your shopping to the last minute, are balancing family logistics, with errands, commitments and trying to get ready for all of the festivities, then Messenger may be JUST the app to lend a hand!

Here are some of the ways Messenger can help you navigate your holiday season more smoothly, stay in touch with your loved ones, and even organise your NYE outfit.

There is SO much more to this app than just messaging . . .

Blurred Christmas Lights Photo | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Wrapping Up For The Festive Season

I’ve fondly come to think of this time of year as ‘wrapping up season’. 

There’s something downright peaceful about knowing that you’re inching that little bit closer to your final work day. Do you find the same? 

Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite cosy items from Joules to get a head start on your hygge vibes for the season, and a few of the ways I’m winding down towards the end of the year . . .

Winter Hat Selections Displayed On Copper Hooks | The Elgin Avenue Blog

3 Classic Hat Styles For Even The Most Hat-Shy

People tend to say they’re either a ‘hat person’ or not, but it’s my belief that everyone is secretly a hat person – they just haven’t found their perfect partner!

In a bid to help you to narrow down your headwear choices, I’ve rounded up three of my favourite hat styles.

You’ll see that they all lend a different vibe to an outfit – that is otherwise completely the same!

Have a peruse and let me know which style you like the best, and which side of the ‘hat-wearing-fence’ you sit on . . . !

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